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let's build something new!

I'm changing the name and direction of this podcast AND a new business... And it's designed FOR YOU! Can you help me give your suggestions and opinions below? (It's quick!)

If I choose your idea for the new name, I will thank you with $50!

Abstract Gradient

WHere is the podcast headed?

Quit the 9-5 with no plan; following a curious muse of adventures to find answers for a more intentional and aligned life

Guidance from the wisest people on earth

Inviting listeners to go on these adventures with me. What can we unlock?

What type of adventures bring you the most peace/aliveness/rejuvenation? (check your favorites)
Would you pay for a curated rejuvenating experience?

Thank you so much for your support. It means the world!

answer here

Want more details? listen to ep160 of culture changers podcast!

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