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3 Ways I reclaim my time

Updated: Jul 22

I was TERRIBLE at time management. So terrible, I was obnoxiously late to EVERYTHING.

My boss got me a big-ass book 📕 called...wait for it...Time Management. And surprise surprise. I never read it! Who has time for that???

And over the years, I mastered time management and taught it to hundreds of business professionals. I'm always sally-on-time now.

Morning routines, calendar blocking, making lists the night before, blah, blah, blah. 🥱

I know, I know. You've heard it all before.

You just have SO. MUCH. GOING ON. ALL. THE. TIME that it can seem overwhelming to change up the routines when every waking moment is "owed" to someone else.

But now, I actually have a different approach.

As a champion over-scheduler and someone who gets my kicks off from packing in as much as I can in a day, there's an element of thrill that I have a certain addiction to.

Some people run on Dunkin. You and I might run on anxiety.

I've come to discover that It's less about time management than it is energy management. ⚡️

On Sundays, I used to look at my calendar for the week and inhale a silent (or audible) "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkk."

Monday would come a little too quickly, I'd take a deep breath, put on the armor, secure the mask, and surround myself with obsidian crystals all over my desk (google it), brace myself, and power through another week only to crash by Friday in full bleary-eyed depletion. 😵‍💫 🥴

It was such a deep level of burnout.

Now, I look at every appointment on my calendar and get giddy! 😁

When you realize that you have more control than you think, you get to choose again.

I'm going to break down the 3 ways I reclaim my time so you can do it, too:

  1. Color code your appts in your calendar. 🩷❤️🧡💛💚🩵🤎 Just try it for a week. I really want you to focus on your ENERGY here. Put a bright cheery color for the appointments you are excited about. Put a darker color 💩 for the ones you find soul-sucking. And put a neutral color for ones like running errands that are more of a necessity. What do you notice once your week is visual? What can you re-prioritize?

2. Prioritize your fulfilling activities FIRST in your day - like before 9am! 🤗 🧘‍♀️ 🙏 Y'all know I am BIG on prioritizing what lights you up. Always have that list of what brings you joy close by. If this seems super daunting, start very small. Maybe it's taking a moment to get sun on your face and while you are doing it, drinking in the new day as it is full of possibility. Or walking barefoot in the grass (zillions of restorative benefits). Or taking a dance break which will stimulate joy! Or be super intentional about hugging your partner/kids. Start to create micro-habits and set a goal to get them in before 9am so you can fill your cup before the sh*t hits the fan!

3. Replacement theory - First, which of those meetings can you NOT go to? Start by blocking out small chunks of time, protect them with your life, and don't schedule over it (that's where setting boundaries comes in), and replace them with something on your joy list. 😆

Secondly, let's talk about your mindset. Studies show that 80% of our own thoughts are negative and 95% are repetitive. Take ONE negative thought per day - let's call it a limiting belief if you are on the woo scale (like me) - and replace it with a kick-ass one about your skills/talents. OF COURSE YOU ARE AMAZING! 🤩

If replacing the negative beliefs is hard for you (and I get it - I suffer from this, too), ask yourself - is this negative belief or limiting belief serving you?

F*ck no it isn't! Let's create a new habit to replace it.

Now while we are on the topic of creating more time and energy for yourself - the other key component is relationships. Once you begin aligning yourself in all areas, it can restore every important area of your life.

So if tough conversations are something that scare you, listen to the latest episode of Late Learner podcast with divorce lawyer, bestselling author, and CEO of She Who Wins, Renee Bauer.

Listen here:


P.S. Omg. There's NO way this dude is 71. NO WAY! Will you watch this??? 💍 🌹

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