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A long way to walk it out

I'm in a full wrestling match between society (my dad and co) and my instincts this week.

My 93 year old dad is staying with me this week.

He's very jovial. Sort of low maintenance. Pretty decent health. He's always been an affable presence - always quick with a smile and a warm face.

But as is common with many elder folks his age, he can get into repeating loops.

And in my house, those loops sound like:

"I told you not to quit your job before you had another one."

Any time I leave the house...

"Are you going for an interview? You shouldn't have quit your job without having another one."

He doesn't understand what a podcast is or any of the modern money-making options available so trying to explain it is fairly futile.

But I try...

"How much money does it pay? I tried to keep quiet but I told you, you shouldn't have quit your job without another one."

*Sigh* 😞

It's as if my own insecurities have manifested into a human form - right in my living room. Over and over and over again.

I called my friend Renee (👋 Renee) and she caught me in a moment where I unloaded on her about this exchange.

She must have been twisting the proverbial mustache and rubbing her hands together with delight. She said...

"Ooooo, you're being tested! This is great!"

She always has a great way to re-frame difficult situations.

My terror over "what if this was a bad idea" has me afraid I'll pull the lever too soon to get a job. But my instincts say...."shhhhhh....not yet. Further training is needed."

So I was inspired by Jenny Levison (icon in Atlanta and founder of Souper Jenny) who had posted she was doing a 12-hour walk. Like, in a row. In one shot. In a day.

No phone. No music. No podcasts. Un. Plugged.

It's a concept by Colin O'Brady and a book aptly titled "12 Hour Walk."

And I'm going to do it.

If you listened to last week's episode, you'll see I had some challenges unplugging at the Hike Inn.

So stay tuned for more details. I'll report back.

In the meantime, the political hate-machine is whirring back up to full speed in the US and globally if you have any exposure to any news anywhere.

My own personal level of anger is riding at a 7738402987 on a scale of 1-10.

But how do you change people's minds?

Turns out, it's actually possible. And probable!

With some very ninja-Jedi techniques covered in today's episode with best-selling author of "How Minds Change" and one of my favorite and most fascinating think brains, David McRaney (host of the podcast "You Are Not So Smart).

Listen here:

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