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ADHD or Just Busy AF? Unraveling the Mystery of The Restless Mind

Oh look, a squirrel!

Could I have ADHD? I mean, I guess I could self-diagnose from all the very reliable TikTok videos (socialMD) but could I actually have it?

I thought for sure, I don't. There's no way. I mean, I'm distracted but who isn't in this day and age? I don't struggle with time blindness and I can hyper-focus when I need to.

My daughter recently was diagnosed and so I inquired about me as it often is hereditary. Turns out, I am on the ADHD spectrum! Who knew? 🤷‍♀️

And while I take it with a grain of salt - it does have me reconsidering why I keep the schedule so packed and varied. Not to mention having 8394203987 different interests, hobbies, and careers all in one day.

Can you relate to this?

Is busyness your drug of choice?

It's always been mine. If I keep moving, I won't have to stop and think about the fear or unworthiness that so insidiously creeps in again and again.

So I keep the schedule packed, exciting, and airtight. Do you do this, too?

Us fellow moms who truly are the center of the world around us - give SO much to our family, our work, our friends, our community because we are over-performers - and in the process, it's easy to forget to prioritize you.

So once you identify that restlessness - that signal that it might be time for a change, how do you do it?

How do you go for your big dreams you might have shoved back under the bed a few too many times?

Well, I recorded a whole solo episode to unpack this. And this one is truly a masterclass PACKED with stories, examples, and a game plan that you can use RIGHT NOW.

As you may know, I've been running the Effective Collective mastermind for moms who have too much on their plate and are ready to prioritize themselves again.

Now if you're like, wtf is a mastermind anyway?

Essentially, it's a place to bring your big-ass goals and your big-ass dreams - even if you're not even sure what they are yet - and make damn sure you've got the right type of folks in your corner helping you every step of the way.

Running this powerful mastermind, I've realized that there are 3 main components that create the greatest success for each person.

  1. PERMISSION - We have a habit of putting ourselves on the back burner, don't we? Pouring all our energy into work, family, and life responsibilities. But here's the game-changer: when you invest in yourself, the world around you conspires to deliver a powerful sense of accountability and follow-through. You'll show up consistently, take your dreams seriously, and finally, achieve everything you've ever wanted.

  2. INTENTION - How many times have you wondered to yourself - who cares about the stuff I'm doing every day? Where is the juice? Lather. Rinse. Repeat. When you approach every day with intention, everything that once seems so familiar turns into a technicolor canvas that you get to paint just the way you want it.

  3. EXPERT MENTORSHIP - Having experts with different perspectives who have been in your shoes before, have tried something new, and have found incredible success get to coach you in an intimate setting make a huge impact on your overall goals.

Today's episode of Late Learner podcast is 🔥 🔥 🔥 . It's a solo episode and I've PACKED it with lessons you haven't heard everywhere else. Go listen, won't ya?

LISTEN HERE: EP191: How to FINALLY go for your dreams (even when you're busy AF)



P.S. Want a group of bad-ass women who care about your goals as much as you do? Our next cohort of The Effective Collective starts in mid-August. Apply now. Spaces are limited!

P.P.S. This is hilarious - the creepy real-life Barbie dreamhouse AirBNB is definitely a new twist!

P.P.P.S. Group stuff not your thing but still want someone to help you along your journey? I'm opening 3 spots on my calendar to offer private 1:1 coaching for your big goals. Interested? Book a call with me here.

P.P.P.P.S. Did someone send this to you? Get on the list and be the first to know.

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