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Are you Adventure-Ready?

Have you been following Jesse Itzler's Ride of a Lifetime on IG?

He and 9 other guys rode across the entire country on bikes in 2 weeks (sort of like a relay race). 3,000 miles. Treacherous conditions. Beauty and connection through unimaginable fatigue and discomfort.

It wasn't about the bikes. It wasn't about the exercise. It wasn't about breaking any records.

Not one bit.

It was about having a once-in-a-lifetime experience and creating bonds with the others who were "adventure-ready."

Average age was 55. Youngest was 30. Eldest was 63.

Suffering together. Seeing the country. Unmistakable bonds. Unforgettable moments. Having the support of millions of people watching the journey online, cheering them on.

Knowing what matters. Always. Raising funds to give bikes to underprivileged children.

Being a force for good. ❤️ 💛 💚

I listened to a podcast where the guys were interviewed and was asked how Jesse picked his crew.

He said he called 9 people he knew were adventure-ready. All 9 guys cleared the decks, picked a date to start, and they pulled it together in less than 2 months.

It got me thinking of how much I love saying YES to extraordinary experiences. And how much I love the inexplicable bonds with the people (many time with strangers) you do it with.

I am deeply craving this kind of extraordinary connection in extraordinary circumstances.

There's so much more to life. 🎉 So much more juice to squeeze. 🍋 🍊 So many opportunities we forget to consider.

Are you sleepwalking through your days? Secretly dreaming of something bigger, richer, or even one that lights you all the way up from the inside?

Yes, me too. And deeply craving extraordinary connections that can only be found by doing something OUTSIDE of the routine.

INVITATION: If this is speaking to you, google "Adventure seeker fitness things to do in my state" and see what sparks your interest. AND DO IT! It doesn't have to be fitness, but google something out of the ordinary and put it on your calendar! Invite a friend or go with the intention to meet new people. And if you want to do something spectacularly memorable with me, email me back or shoot me a note! I'm brewing something.

Another fun fact, I got to interview Jesse Itzler on my podcast. Not only that, but what a thrill it was to meet Sara Blakely (his wife) in her kitchen. What a powerhouse duo.

Also, BIG visceral response to my latest episode of Late Learner:

LISTEN HERE: EP184: Gwyneth Paltrow's Teacher SCHOOLS me on AGING with Elena Brower



P.S. Talk about unbreakable bonds. 👯‍♀️

P.P.S. Are you a mom who is ready for your next chapter but not sure where to start or what exactly it will look like? Or when the timing could be right? I've got a little bit of experience here 😉 and have something special brewing. Schedule a free exploratory call here. Take the time for yourself.

P.P.P.S. Know of any crazy-ass group adventures that I should know about? I'm in the market. HMU!

P.P.P.P.S. HAHAHAHA! This tracks.

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