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  • Allison Hare

Can you OD on self-help?

Is there such a thing as burning out on leveling up?

Remember when the Secret came out in 2006?

It was so groundbreaking at the time and I was ALL IN! Hook, line, and sinker.

I was $45,000 in debt. Had no job. Sold my house. Sold my car. Was living in some girl's basement and relied on the kindness of some good friends that would pay for a meal here and there - because I couldn't even afford to eat. Or put gas in my car.

I really don't know how I got by.

I was desperate for answers. I felt so much shame that I had gotten myself into this mess.

I searched in church, I looked for mentors, I read all the books, I wanted someone - ANYONE to give me answers. Or direction.

I turned into a poller. I sought answers anywhere and everywhere but me.

Because I certainly didn't trust myself. Look what I had done to my life!

At the time, I was dating a DIRTBAG of a guy. My equivalent of Mr. Big.

Rich. Successful. Hot. Smart. Smug. Belittling. Manipulative. Cheating. F*ckf*ce.

Lawd, if I ever see him again.

A real prick.

But he gave me one gift.

As my world was spinning into the vortex of hell, he sat me down outside in a cafe in Atlanta and said "Allison, stop."

"Just stop. You already know the answers. You already know."

And he was right.

And today, I released a solocast to kickoff the new miniseries on Belonging and Being Included on Culture Changers Podcast.

Something I've been absolutely consumed with - and have found myself digging deeper and deeper into our human need to belong.

I almost didn't record this episode. In fact, I'm not even sure I'll listen back to it because it's so raw and I'm cringing thinking about it.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to it! In fact, PLEASE DO!

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P.S. I watched the documentary on Bones Brigade (the skateboarding documentary). It was totally worth the watch and made me realize how awesome misfits can turn out.

P.P.S. I'm genuinely curious - not trying to start sh*t, but can you explain to me how a church is not a cult? Or is it a widely accepted cult? What makes a cult bad? More on this topic later...but would love to know what you think.

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