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Chasing the high

The sky has so much to say! Allison Hare in Garden of the Gods
Yasiris Torres Photography - Garden of the Gods

She challenged me to post only about 3 things for the next 2 months.

Dance. 💃 Nature. 🍃 Permission. 🌟

These are 3 things that personally light me up all the way from the inside out.

And all 3 are part of the 10 Alignments that I help others implement in my coaching and through the Effective Collective Mastermind.

And this past weekend, I got to immerse myself in all 3.

What are your top 3 things that light you up?

Maybe you’re a foodie and a fancy chef-cooked meal gets you riled up. Or the energy from your favorite musician in concert. Or walking your dogs outside.

What can you give yourself permission to do that allows you to do it more?

This past weekend, I went to Denver, CO as my favorite dance fitness brand, Reb3l, was hosting a choreography workshop and experience class.

Fun fact: I’m a dance fitness instructor and also serve on the board of the national Reb3l brand.

Anyway, do you have a Jenny in your life?

My Jenny is someone who is giddy with excitement when she sees you. She is pure love and joy and gleefully shuttled me around all weekend long – even with her 3 kids in tow.

We had such deep and meaningful talks – and every time we talk, our friendship grows deeper.

And then there’s Yaya. Well, her real name is Yasiris Torres but us gringas call her Yaya for short.

She is a BRILLIANT photographer - a woman who is full of heart and soul, kindness, intention, and beauty.

She wanted to take me to Garden of the Gods, a massive and historic collection of enormous red rock formations near Colorado Springs to take pictures.

You know, when you’re surrounded by nature like that – not to mention the altitude, the different air you breathe literally transforms you.

The air is thinner, but the breathing becomes more meaningful, deep, and intentional. You can feel your lungs and your soul purifying.

The majesty of the breathtaking landscape. God is all around and in you. Endlessly inter-connected. One feeding the other. Important and yet, insignificant at the same time.

And the kindness and connection with everyone I got to spend time with this weekend, these are the moments I live for.

Whenever you get out of alignment, those 3 things: Permission to feel good, movement, and nature are the fastest ways to get you back.

And again, what was on your list? Tell me your top 3 things (email me back and let me know).

Perhaps we can hold each other accountable to prioritize those 3 things as much as humanly possible.

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