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"What? No! You don't know my financial situation. We are going to crash and BURRRRRRNNN!!!!" 🔥🔥🔥

This was my response when my dear friend, Cindy (yes, that Cindy!) told me "When you leave your job, you'll be fine because you've got stability." 😱

In her infinite wisdom, she assured me that I had a stable foundation - meaning a strong marriage.

Huh? Love don't pay my bills, honey!

This was earlier this year when I had decided to leave my job - and was having daily meltdowns in a vortex of anxiety over money.

Sadly, those meltdowns haven't really stopped.

But the work lies in taking comfort not only in my lack of direction and answers, but in the currency I do have - which is my family.

Sometimes I get so excited to talk about how much I love my husband and children. I am downright giddy. 🥰️🥰️🥰️ Even after 14 years of knowing my husband (10 1/2 years married!).

But I always hold back - my own cynical mind assumes nobody wants to hear about that kind of happiness.

And what kind of effed up world is that where we can't celebrate the currencies we do have?

And this week especially - when I am truly lost when it comes to what's next for me professionally or how I am going to make this work...

I am setting my focus on how I can pour back into our marriage and our kids. And swim in the gratitude I have for such an incredible man - a salt-of-the-earth person who is so kind to his core, quietly stronger than I can articulate, and as far as I'm concerned, he hung the damn moon.

And my kids - what an infinite gift for both of them to witness, to love, and to be part of their flourishing - even when they get hurt and stumble. Danny, full of wonder, curiosity, and compassion. And Juliana, full of spunk, embodiment, and connection.

INVITATION: What is the currency you may have forgotten but can put a spotlight on this week? Who or what can you give thanks to that maybe you haven't expressed your true gratitude to?

And for this week's episode, speaking of another type of family relationship - the other side of true crime. Amy Chesler is a VICTIM of true crime - and when I read her riveting book, my perspective completely changed on the entire genre - and how we can consume the content in a way that helps our society vs. hurts it.

Well, THAT took a turn.

You won't be able to turn this one off. Listen here:

EP166: The OTHER side of true crime: Amy B. Chesler



P.S. Um, have we heard of #manspread? Where have I been? This is so funny! (and true)

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