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Eeek! I'm scared of this weekend-

Sometimes I get tired of writing about my insecurities here.

I have them profoundly this week.

I'm actually preparing to do a keynote speech for Reb3l dance instructors for a national retreat this weekend.

The main topic? Belonging.

And honestly, it's annoying that I'm always so damn triggered.

But as they say, triggers are your treasures.

And I think I keep stepping on this one because I can no longer put band-aids on my own worthiness issues.

This weekend, it will be one year since my mom passed away.

And ever since then, it's felt like the point of no return every time I try and do something the same old way - it's time to evolve.

In my experience, it's felt like a shedding of skin. Of layers and layers and layers of a curated life that just has to go.

It's kind of like Instagram circa 2017. Perfect lives. Filters out the yin yang. Nothing out of place.

Ugh - makes me want to puke!

But now? We are moving every-so-slightly to a less filtered show of our lives on socials.

Relatability and connection are QUEENS!

But man, I know we all crave to belong somewhere.

And the day I figure out how to belong in my own the day I finally take off these chains.

I know a lot of us feel stuck. I know I do in a lot of ways.

I am PUMPED that I got sought-after psychotherapist, author, adjunct professor, and speaker Britt Frank on the podcast today.

She just released a book called The Science of Stuck: Breaking through Inertia to find your path forward.

Run, don't walk to buy this book. It is so brilliantly and masterfully articulated - but in the best kind of best friend voice that will help you on your journey to get UNSTUCK.

Listen here:

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P.S. Wish me luck on my speech this weekend! And that my nervous system doesn't collapse with insecurities! 🙄

P.P.S. Thoughts on Season 4? For me, I can't watch the Russia scenes but totally roped into the coming-of-age-ness. And of course, this.

P.P.P.S. Will you do me a favor and share this week's episode with someone who has been trying to break out of a situation that just no longer fits? Thank you!

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