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Ego vs. Intuition - who wins?

My mother was obnoxiously late to EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Mom would tell everyone Christmas dinner was at 2pm...but we were all trained, that meant 6:30.

And she could be pretty flaky, too.

In my present day, these could be one of my greatest triggers ever.

I won't even get close to people I care about if they are likely to bail last minute. Or can't commit.

Conversely, I am generally never late (except for my 5:45am workouts - whoooopssssiiiiieee) and if I say I will be there, there's never a question.

But now, as Halloween and the holidays approach, I am completely and totally over-scheduled and over-stretched. Anyone else???? Yeah, I know you are, too.

It's like an epidemic. Our massive guilt to give our kids every fantasy experience possible.

To fill every moment with activities. Friends. Work. Fitness. Community events. Date nights. Kids sports. YOLO up the a*s.

Let's calendar everything UP until you die.

If you read my last week's blog post where I was essentially on a Colorado HIGH , I felt like I had finally found a truly joyful, supported place mentally, emotionally, and physically.

And then this week, I completely crashed.

My mood, my body, my energy levels, and stress started to settle back into my shoulders and my body again. Something that is quite familiar.

So. Annoying.

As I reflect on the week, I am working on some very aggressive projects for an opportunity to have Culture Changers podcast featured across several really large podcasts. (YAY! 🎉)

As I step on the gas on some larger projects and try and cram it all into this week plus my normal obligations, I realize I am forcing an unnatural timeline....again.

Everything in my body is telling me to sloooooow the f- down. And take some commitments OFF the calendar.

Which also sends bolts of panic through my body that I am all of a sudden becoming flaky and that non-committal unreliable can't-get-their-sh*t-together-person that drives me up a damn wall.

But then, I thought about today's podcast episode with shaman, Jeff Glattstein, and modern medicine woman and healer, Lena Franklin, of the East Institute - where we discussed how to understand how the ego likes to take over when the intuition needs to take the lead.

This week, I am embracing the suck. And instead of frantically trying to find something happy to jolt me out of it like dance or Netflix, I am just noticing and trusting that this is the battle between my ego (which (obvi) is freakin' huge) and my intuition

And so for today, everything felt forced and every which way I turned, I experienced agitation (and a popped tire on my car).

So I let go of it all and took a walk instead of knocking out more milestones and projects.

So my INVITATION to you this week is what if you just let the not-so-pleasant feelings just move through you instead of ignoring it if it shows up? What if you took something off the calendar to give you a little more breathing room? What if you took more space to rest instead of push - and get better results in the end?

And speaking of healing, you HAVE GOT to listen to this week's podcast - especially if you are curious about plant medicine and want to learn if you might be a good candidate (or not)....but what I REALLY love is how Lena and Jeff take ancient healing modalities and help us understand how to make them more accessible to us all. I was blown away by their deep wisdom, fascinating backgrounds in miracles, and their loving approach to a better future as we heal ourselves.

Listen here:

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P.S. Okay, so it's not the MOST uplifting, but it is the most touching, human, heartfelt, and deeply important podcast I've heard in a while. Anderson Cooper's new podcast just hits me in all the feels. And shows a side that we've never seen before...and I'm not sure he's comfortable with it either.

P.P.S. Some gals are HOT FOREVER. This one gets funnier and funnier...and more important and honest than ever.

P.P.P.S. His douchery knows no limits.

P.P.P.P.S. Brava CVS!

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