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Month of Miracles: Transform your life in 30 days

Experiments and challenges are my jam.

August of Allowing. September Surrender. October Makeover. November to remember.

You get the point, right?

You ever suspect that you might be playing smaller than you deserve?

I have. My heart and my brain think SUPER big!

But sometimes that pesky cultural conditioning and that little voice of self-doubt says...c'mon, girl. Baby steps.

Don't get too crazy.

But what if you might be feeling that restlessness? You're ready for your next chapter.

But what will it be? And where you do even start? How will you make it work?

You might be tired of your routine. And frankly, you might be plain tired. 😪

But let's talk about the glimmers.

That unsettled longing is that you've simply outgrown your container and right in those fractures, is the light where you are destined to become.

And if you are wondering - what could I even do? Let me assure you - someone right now could literally be on their knees praying for a solution that you know like the back of your hand - and you don't even think about it.

So let's MATCH YOU UP with your big, bold, audacious dreams again.

I've been working on something BIG for you.

Based on neuroscience, specifically the Science of Behavior Change (SOBC) says to make a change, start small, and aim for consistency daily rather than trying to do too much too soon and give up.

So I've got just the thing for you. And it is going to bring MIRACLES to you!

Like, a whole month of miracles! Literally!!! ✨ 💫 ⭐️ 🌟

And in turn, the more miracles that happen in your life, the ripple effect is everyone around you experiences miracles, too!

What do they say? All boats rise? I can never remember that phrase but you get what I mean!

I created the challenge, the Month of Miracles. It's FREE and it's available for you to download right now!

Yay! I can't wait to see how your life transforms, you start to realize that your gifts are greater than you thought and create huge impacts in the world by stepping into your own power.

And if you are feeling extra fried lately, you need to hear the latest Late Learner podcast episode with Dr. Kara Pepper, physician, national speaker, podcaster, and executive coach specializing in burnout, perfectionism, overachieving, disordered eating, people pleasing, and all the fun things I've DEFINITELY been guilty of all.

Not only does she deliver some incredible insight and best practices, but her gutsy story of epic burnout and efforts to change the working environments in the healthcare space are completely heroic.

EP193: Beating Burnout and Beyond with Dr. Kara Pepper

Here's what you will learn:

  • Where does the blame actually fall when it comes to burnout?

  • What kind of tired are you?

  • What do you need to start recovering?

  • Where can you ask for help?

  • How perfectionism, burnout, imposter syndrome,people pleasing, disordered eating interact with each other

  • Are you living for other people’s expectations?

  • How can you tell when it’s time to make a change?

  • The underbelly of unworthiness

  • Immediate ways to soothe your nervous system

  • Why memes are good for you!



P.S. Srsly, have you downloaded the Month of Miracles yet? Come out of the shadows! Don't be a lurker. I want to SEE YOU win! 🥇 ✨

P.P.S. Want more personalized support for your journey? Schedule a free breakthrough strategy call with me and let's see what miracles we can create.

P.P.P.S. Whoa! These are fascinating differences between being busy and being productive.

P.P.P.P.S. Want to move the needle forward in a non-obvious way? Click the pic below.

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