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Feeling lonely and feeling the love

I've been experiencing these intense feelings of loneliness lately.

Longing for a deeper connection. But yet, not feeling much energy to reach out.

Listen, the world is truly on fire. It's bound to happen.

And I'm truly fine - please don't worry.

Just noticing emotions I would have otherwise quickly stuffed somewhere out of sight and not let come out.

Or just looking for a way to not feel it so intensely or numb it.

For context, I spent one entire day on this beautifully HOT 🥵 🔥 past 4th of July weekend, bingeing Seasons 2,3, and 4 of Stranger Things with my husband and kids, also bingeing a podcast on this twisted spiritual doomsday sex cult called the Fellowship of Friends, and then went to see Elvis (which is so good but very sad) in the movie theatre by myself. I probably have some hormonal stuff going on as it kind of goes down like that once a month. I mean....

Granted, I probably could have been more mindful to consume some more uplifting content but...

Once again, I return to the topic again and again and again to belonging. And the urge to be constantly doing SOMETHING with my body and be more productive.

Many of my go-to trusted friends that I could normally chat it up with were out of town or busy.

I felt a wave of frustration around why my need for connection and belonging is so intense - when it should be sourced from within.

Right? Anyone? Bueller?

Anyway, I am determined to figure this one out for myself. Or heal whatever it is needs to be healed. I'm definitely in the woods and on a path, just not clear what it looks like.

My husband has been an incredible support and someone whose pure love ❤️ continues to leave me in awe and gratitude. 💕 But he can't represent it all for me.

The loneliness MUST be healed by me. Not from external sources and continually needing external validation.

No more hiding. No more pushing it under the rug.

The good news for you if this is something you've maybe felt yourself but never voiced it out loud (or even acknowledged it), you can continue listening to Culture Changers Podcast where I am unfolding this in real-time with some of the very best guest experts.

And I am SUPER excited for a new format to be included in Culture Changers Podcast which are chatcast-style episodes from time to time with fan favorite, Cindy Robinson as a guest co-host. We are calling these style of episodes...CULTURE CLASH.

Running a full-production podcast for over 3 years can be a VERY solo journey, especially when it's only your name on it. So I am SUPER excited to share the mic in these episodes where we have the chance to unpack some pervasive topics from two different angles!

Want to hear it? Ahhhh! 😱 Here's a taste on today's episode:

Listen here:

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P.S. Like Culture Changers? Want to listen ad-free? Maybe even figure out how you can make your own impact on society? It is now listener-supported! If you'd like to contribute to the future episodes and help me expand, YOU CAN! Don't worry, all the episodes will still be free to listen but if you'd like to help a lady on a mission out, I gotchu and will give back in kind!

P.P.S. I was really moved by this short movie. No bells and whistles, Nothing blowing up. No superheroes. But full of humanity, heart, and humor. And only 2 people.

P.P.P.S. Obsessed with wild houses? You're welcome.

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