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Finding the magic

Did you open your podcast app yet today?

Notice something missing?

No new Late Learner podcast episode today.

In fact, there are big changes afoot.

*** My favorite. ***

It occurred to me that when anyone asks what's going on - on any given day - it's always something new.

I am addicted to trying new things.

Try a new work out? Sure. A new trail? Yes. New career? Ya, like, every day! Let's try it.

I'm learning that waking up with an intention of purposeful wonder helps to find magic every day. ✨ 🔮

And I dig magic. 🪄 I mean, it opens way more possibility in every aspect of life.

Call it a possible mindset. I'm not interested in absolutes.

Show me the edges. The curves. The bends. Beyond the horizon.

When my schedule was packed to the max - from the moment I woke up at 4:30am to the moment I crashed into bed at 8:30 or 9, I dreamt of having time and space and margin to follow these nudges.

Seeing people on social media get to truly enjoy their lives (I mean, maybe...filters and highlight reels can play tricks on you) - but seeing more and more people rearrange their lives and work around what they wanted was inspiring.

I would look longingly and notice the pressure in my chest and the tightness in my shoulders as I would fire up Zoom for the next meeting I had to get through.

It was Groundhogs Day. An endless loop with no end in sight.

I started to take tiny little liberties.

And you know, I couldn't say what I REALLY wanted or how stuck I was out loud because then I would have to do something...

But maybe there is another way...

INVITATION: If you're feeling burnt out and wishing you had a permission slip to have some more freedom, margin, energy, and joy in your life that will impact your relationships, too, I am opening up a limited engagement beta mastermind for only 10 people, starting April 17.

special pricing ONLY for this round. Want to apply and see if it's a fit? Click this button below. ⚡️ 💥 ⚡️

Eeeeek! I am so excited about this! I've been working on this for MONTHS! 😁

It's so juicy and good and I figured out some proven frameworks and systems fand even a money-back guarantee!

Oh, and about the podcast, I'm making it even more powerful, shortening the episodes for max impact, adding some new features, got rid of Patreon, getting rid of ads, and publishing biweekly to give me more time for production and promotion.


But you know, there are 180+ episodes for you to listen to. So I'll feature a relevant one for ya.

LATEST EPISODE of Late Learner:

It's Complicated: Mothers and Daughters


How to Set Boundaries with Megan Gillespie (my therapist!)



P.S. This movie is worth ALL the hype. Haven't stopped thinking about it.

P.P.S. Wanting change of gun laws to protect our children (and all of us)? Doing this will help. Pass it on...

P.P.P.S. This has me rolling!

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