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Girls Beat Me Up

They sure did.

I know it's hard to believe, but I wasn't that popular growing up. (cough cough)

I was so unpopular that Gina D. and her girl gang decided to jump me one day, threatened to drive me to Newark, beat the living sh*t out of me, and leave me for dead.

Side note: I grew up in New Jersey which is a whole nother life of survival, Sun In, and hairspray.

But I wasn't nerdy kind of unpopular.

I was the girl that never backed down.

If you had something to say to me, I was talking back.

I could be a loudmouth!

My mother was beside herself and tried to intervene with the school authorities.

But I had a crew of misfits that had my back and protected me.

Sure, we both got detention. Her punishment was way worse as she was the aggressor.

Sometimes I'll see her name as a suggested FB friend and I always sneer and delete it.

During high school, I had a couple of close friends. And that was fine with me.

I didn't really blossom until I got to college and quite literally, found my voice.

But those formative experiences, big and small, really cut deep into shaping what belonging means, don't you think?

I asked my favorite intelligent and insightful friend, Cindy, to help me understand where that break happens when you realize that little happy loving family cocoon wasn't always the same as the rest of the world.

Where does that break happen?

Can we protect our kids and have them maintain their own sense of self-love and self-worth and heal our own wounds in the process?

As always, Cindy knocked it out of the park on this week's episode about where belonging begins on Culture Changers Podcast (3x champ!).

Listen here:

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Do you have a crazy formative story from your younger years? Email me back and let me know.

Sharing our truths can be so liberating!

So thanks for letting me share mine.



P.S. I'm still deep in the rabbit hole of cults. Almost finished with this series. What should I watch next?

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