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Gratitude Fatigue?

It is Thanksgiving in the US!

Have you been inundated with social media #gratitude posts out the yin yang and your eyes rolling back in your head?

Oops - just me?

I've had some resistance to the gratitude movement.

Not because I don't feel grateful. I am.

BUT I worry that the toxic positivity can steamroll over very real feelings that need to be processed.

I had a conversation about this with friends about a 30-days of gratitude challenge.

And I started to get the sense that maybe I was starting to get a little jaded.

That the polarity of good and bad can exist simultaneously.

BUT taking a moment to actually be more mindful could be what's holding me back from everything I want.

I started to notice that I'm always going so fast, I don't look up enough. I'm just looking on the ground to make sure I don't trip.

But that the noticing gives me a roadmap of where to go next.

So I'm going to look up a little more.

Taking a moment today to really reflect. And be grateful for you. And me. And everything in between.

Because it matters. And I am so very thankful.

I thought today would be a perfect time to revisit my conversation with Chris Schembra (yep, same guy who was my guest on the BDSM episode) with a very new approach to gratitude.

This particular episode caught me off guard. I am not a cryer, but I broke down at the end and have never been the same since. It is powerful!

Listen wherever you fancy:

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Happy Thanksgiving! I am super grateful for your eyeballs and your minds to be on this journey with me. And of course, my favorite, when you hit reply and tell me what's going on for you...or challenge me. <3



P.S. I am SO consumed by this book!

P.P.S. Reb3l's (fitness brand) Little Black Dress challenge starts this Monday! Sign-up now. it's FREE!

P.P.P.S. Next miniseries: MONEY and relationships! After that? RE-PARENTING YOURSELF! Had a banged up childhood? Have some stories and patterns you'd like to redirect? I gotchu. Who do you know that I should interview????

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