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Healers, mystics, and skeptics

What would it be like to just dive right into the deepest deepest waters?

Full-bodied YES. This is it!

I've dabbled in so many modalities and belief systems.

Mystics. 🔮 Healers. Organized religion. ✝️ Well-known business leaders. Functional medicine practitioners. Fitness gurus. Influencers with huge followings. CrossFit. Trader Joe's. 😛

But my skepticism has always stopped me short of believing with my whole heart. ❤️

I often wonder if my side-eye has actually blocked me from committing fully on my own journey and stunted my own growth.

Or has it been my own intuition whispering, "girl, you're making a whole new way."

Or have there just been too many snake-oil salesmen, bullsh*t artists, and a-holes that have tarnished any absolution?

I imagine we all feel this way sometimes. We want so badly to believe in it all.

I wish I could voluntarily get brainwashed for doctrine that just fits.

But we get disappointed so often.

I am going to be working with a shaman emphatically recommended by a trusted friend this week - coincidentally to help me release some of the mental and ancestral blocks I have around money. 💰

I am open. And generally go in without expectations...or high hopes...but still hope.

And as a new feature of this blog, I am going to offer an INVITATION for you to join me.

So this week, I INVITE you to look deep in your own life. Is there a person or group you've considered working with but were skeptical?

Maybe it's worth asking yourself - is the skepticism your intuition or just a little hardened?

And make a decision one way or the other to be open to possibilities of help being available. And say YES when your intuition is in alignment with the rest!

I saw this post yesterday and this was a great guide I wanted to take with me this week.

And since September is Mental Awareness Month, I am SUPER excited about this next installment of the Culture Clash series of Culture Changers. My girl, Cindy Robinson is back on as a guest co-host and today, we are talking about what to do with the emotions that totally annoy us (both your emotions and others) 🙄 . And next week, I will release the Mariel Hemingway interview. Get it early and ad-free on Patreon (including video)!

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P.S. HALLELUJAH!!!! Now this is a step in the right direction.

P.P.S. Welp, if you ever wondered about living like you're in Stranger Things, this'll do it.

P.P.P.S. While the world is trying to recover from the Queen's passing, I've been completely captivated by this.

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