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How to AVOID burnout

We were all forced to live and work in a new and different way during the pandemic.

As the global emergency subsided, do you feel a sense of restlessness like I did?

You got a taste of a new pace, a new way to connect, and perhaps that shifted some things for you that have you asking for something new.

You're questioning your work + life + play in a way that focuses more on purpose and meaning.

It makes sense. Nothing is technically wrong. You might have just outgrown where you were and wondering what's possible for you.

But what hasn't changed is the amount of responsibility, shuttling kids back and forth, back-to-back-to-back meetings, and that dizzying feeling that you can't seem to get off that damn hamster wheel long enough to reset.

I'll be able to relax when.... I'll look at a new career when.... Once I catch my breath, then maybe I'll consider something else.

Life is just too busy right now.

But do you ever get the suspicion that the weekends and vacations aren't helping you with recovery?

As someone who has reached the crushing level of the burnout game and blew up everything to rebuild a new life of alignment, I wanted to give you 3 simple tips to help you AVOID the burnout before it happens to you.

You're going to love this because it's something you can DO. Like, right now! And it can be done in way less than 30 minutes every day.

So let's get to it!

1. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Write down 10-20 things that completely light you up. DISCLAIMER: Do NOT write down anything that is what you "should" do. Only write down things that truly bring you joy. Big, small, it doesn't matter. Once you get started, you'll feel the ideas start to flow. Don't edit. Just write free-flowing!

2. Physically block out 30 minutes on your calendar each day. Protect it with your life. If 30 minutes is scary, start out with 15 minutes and look to increase. For me, I block out lunchtime every day so nobody schedules meetings during 12-1. I am ruthless about not scheduling over it.

3. Give yourself permission to use that carved-out time to do something on your light-up 💡 list.

BONUS: Rank your energy on a scale of 1-5 during that protected time each day. Rank it BEFORE you do it and rank it every day. You will physically be able to experience and measure the energy returning back in your days.

In the Effective Collective mastermind, we track time, energy management, and relationships on a scale and measure progress week after week.

Tracking that data is powerfully effective and allows you to see where you can celebrate and what could use a little extra TLC of where to focus.

Will you tell me how this method works for you?

Always here to help you thrive again!



P.S. I've been down a Google rabbit hole after watching this documentary. Can someone PLEASE do a doc on Michael Hutchence of INXS?

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