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I called the child abuse hotline..on my brother

It's the truth!

I was the much-awaited first girl of my parents after a 3-boy streak and a 4 year gap.

My brother closest to my age loooooved to terrorize me.

He would sit on my head and fart while I was laying on the couch. 🌬

I think my mom was out of town when my brother grabbed a hammer 🔨and tried to hit me on the head with it (pretty sure he succeeded).

I finally learned my lesson when I kicked him in the nuts and took him down. 🥜

And by learned my lesson, I learned how to reign victorious against my older and bigger brother.

My daughter has recently figured this out so her brother better watch out!

Back in the 80's, there would often be commercials with 800#'s to call if someone was experiencing child abuse.

Sooooo I called the child abuse hotline on my brother. I mean, the call was free! 📞☎️

I don't really remember what happened after that. I imagine Mama Bear must have mitigated and dismissed the situation.

But here's the truth. I'm one of 7 kids. We had 9 people living under one roof.

My dad travelled all the time. It was my mom against all of us.

And all of us against each other. And it got vicious!

I remember my dad casually calling out from his bedroom "Juliana (my sister, and my daughter's namesake), put down the knives."

Our home was dysfunctional as all hell.

My mom was desperate to have a healthy, happy family. She would do anything she could with whatever she had available.

But man, we broke her. My dad broke her. Life broke her.

And in that time and that culture, the toolbox was limited.

And generation after generation, the cycle continues...but it doesn't have to anymore.

Fan favorite, Cindy Robinson is BACK on the podcast (her 5th time!) talking about fixing dysfunctional families.

Yes, actually fixing dysfunctional families.

Hint.hint. It starts with you. And with a way more capable and modern toolbox, she's showing us how.

Do NOT sleep on this one. Listen here:

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P.S. This wins the internet for IWD.

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