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I'm not broken

You ever have something in your routine become revolting seemingly overnight?

I had a complete breakdown almost two weeks ago.

I'll spare you the details - mostly because I don't really want to revisit it right now.

Bottom line: I felt panicked, paralyzed with fear, and stuck.

As I came to grips with the reality of it all, I decided to make a complete about-face with what I am consuming.

I absolutely LOVE podcasts. I can't seem to sit in silence unless I am writing so I listen to a ridiculous amount of podcasts and audio content.

Doing laundry, driving, washing dishes, getting ready after my morning shower, out for a walk - podcasts and audiobooks are always on.

I've been inspired by a lot of podcasts that I've gotten into...Mel Robbins, Glennon Doyle, and of course, my favorite, cult podcasts.

But then I realized a kind of gross trend. Every single title of the podcasts started with "how to" or "fix....." or "dominate your ......"


I noticed that when I would listen, it would give me really interesting insight and tips....but it might not have even been a "problem" I was even thinking about?

I was just interested in the perspective.

But it has an insidious side effect.

The relatability was there, but in effect, listening to this continuous stream of twice a week published shows per podcast was keeping me in a place where something was WRONG that needed to be fixed.

What if I'm not actually broken?

What if we were all much better-off than we thought?

So I made a change. I unsubscribed from all of these podcasts (EXCEPT FOR LATE LEARNER - THAT PODCAST RULES! 😉 ).

I stopped watching the more salacious TV (I really want to watch the Pamela Anderson doc but need to hold off right now).

I really want to laugh so open to VERY funny podcasts and TV shows (I highly recommend The Commercial Break pod 😂😂😂 - it's one of the top comedy podcasts out there and always makes me LOL).

What are your favorite funny or nourishing podcasts?

I'm literally brainwashing myself to reprogram having a clear, more expansive, and more positive approach to everything.

Cynicism has crept into too much and that is NOT my jam.

If my objective is to be a force for good, my life and livelihood literally depend on what I consume.

Similar to if you eat like sh*t, your body is going to run like sh*t.

I've been reading (translation: audible listening) to the book Mirrors in the Earth by Asia Suler .and this has been the most incredibly written book that immediately transports to me to a place where I am absolutely perfect and as I intended.

I've also been recommended this is a powerful read along the same vein.

In other words, I am NOT broken. And I bet YOU are in the perfect place, too.

NVITATION: What can you prune from your routines that no longer serve you? Maybe notice anything that makes you feel bad (gossipy people, complainers, fear-based programming like the news, crime reports, overdose on self-help, etc). What can you add in that feels LIGHTER? More aligned?

And speaking of NOT broken, I have released probably THE MOST important episode I've ever recorded.

This one is with fan favorite teen/parent coach, Cindy Robinson, and today, we are talking about understanding your adolescent/teen child.

I'd recommend listening with an intentionally open-mind. The guidance and insight you will hear from Cindy is like NOTHING you've ever heard or been taught before. And it's genius.

What if your kids aren't broken at all? What if you have WAY more tools available that you know to communicate effectively with your children?

Listen here (you will want to save this episode, share it, and listen more than once):




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P.P.S. Would you ever consider going SOLO in a pitch black cave with zero light and zero technology for a whole WEEK? After seeing this, I'm actually thinking about it.

P.P.P.S. Need some Girl Scout cookies for a pre-spring sweet fix? 🍪 I know a cutie who can hook you up!

P.P.P.P.S. New home page, who dis? Got a SURPRISE!

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