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  • Allison Hare

I quit. Now what?

Rest? Then get sh*t done? Or other way around?

As you may know, I quit last week.

Oh, it felt rapturous. I felt high as a kite!

Monday was so great! I literally did 4 workouts, hit up the saunas with a friend, had boundless stamina. It felt so good.

Tuesday, I had big plans - but then all my energy bottomed out by 10am. A-M!!! WTF!

I also had to finalize my budget soooooo, that killed my buzz like when you step in sh*t when you're having a great hair day.

Aaaanyway, it feels very weird not having set tasks and expectations that I need to do.

My time has always been committed to working for someone else for 20 years.

But now, it's a different game.

I have many, many directions I can take.

I feel the tension in the rope between doing and being.

I'm well aware that my productivity and earnings have wrapped my value around it like a telephone pole.

My instinct and muscle is to pick a path and go for it.

But my intuition is quiet and be still. You'll find the answers there.

Gooooo inward. Take the time to chilllllll. 🥶

And instead, I do things like this. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

As my friend literally just texted me this:

I will be documenting/journaling this process here and on the socials.

Turns out, this journey does seem like a new era - not only for me and my family, but for others who have been feeling stuck and wondering - can it get better?

And speaking of a new era, I am STOKED for today's episode.

Have you heard about the unconventional yet it's about time lifestyle of Platonic Life Partners? This blew my damn mind:

Listen here:

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P.P.S. The upcoming series on Culture Changers will be.....drumroll......REST. We are breaking down the science of being stuck, boundaries, decolonization, rest itself, achievement culture, and more. If you know of any REALLY great experts on some of these topics, HMU.

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