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If my voice got louder, would you still hear me?

I've been doing some REALLY deep work with healers, therapists, and by myself.

Like, super deep. Generational stuff and deep-seated beliefs that just plain don't serve me or aren't true.

For me, it's closely tied to money and self-worth. I'd be curious if you have something you are grappling with as well?

It's uncomfortable. I've got a pit in my stomach most of the time and a slight headache.

I've got some reaaaallly good people in my corner. And have set boundaries to keep my circle tight, wise, and higher vibe.

I am hopeful.

But beyond that, um, I am BEYOND excited for Halloween and the holidays.

Our house is fully decorated inside thanks to my overzealous spirited husband. For more on that, feel free to follow my stories as the scareys unfold.

We had an adventure last weekend at Six Flags Fright Fest and there's nothing that cheers up a mood like the holidays approaching.

You might love your PSL's, college football, and cozy flannels, but I am mourning the summer and all my hoochie shorts and tiny dresses. 😢

But I'll take the holidays all day long.

INVITATION: This week, I'm really working on staying in a calmer, more trusting space.

Like instead of swimming in the "what ifs" all day long and impending doom, I'm refocusing my energy on a higher plane - one that's rooted in the good that I experience and can bring.

I invite you to also reframe your reality to focus on what's going on right, if you're willing. Are you?

That doesn't mean the annoying toxic positivity and ignoring reality. Acknowledge what's true - and set your sights on what is bringing you joy and making you feel good.

And speaking of taking healthier steps towards more wellness, the great Academy-Award nominated actress from the legendary family, MARIEL HEMINGWAY is on the podcast TODAY! 😮 Wooo hooo!!!

Listen here (video coming soon!):

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P.S. Well, this DOES look like the happiest place on earth.


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