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It's Oh So Quiet

Traffic. Birds. Construction. People talking. Just milling about.

Even in Atlanta's nature, you will always hear the hum of a nearby busy street.

But here. Here in the mountains. It's pure and quiet. Stillness in the buzzing of nature all around you.

Such an instant feeling of connectedness.

Both foreign and obvious. Like, duh? Why don't we do this more? But wait - what is this? It's been so long!

You can't help but feel your shoulders start to lower. And as you feel the clear air ingested as you take a deep inhale in, you breathe out all the stuck energy from years of hoarding it in your body.

As a bona fide city girl, my body is always on high alert. I never feel safe....anywhere, really.

And I've been craving quiet. So much so, that I'm looking into a solo trip somewhere in nature.

If you have any ideas, hit reply and let me know.

And this plays into a bigger topic that I'm trying to tackle: setting boundaries.

A lot of the rest I've been desperately trying to find - peace within, really...has everything to do with having boundaries in place.

Today, holistic therapist Megan Gillespie is back on the podcast breaking this down for us BRILLIANTLY.

The biggest takeaway that stopped me dead in my tracks re-evaluating everything? Resentment is the trigger for needing a boundary set.

But where do you begin? What do you even say to be effective but also do it respectfully for both you and the other party? How do you get the courage?

Listen here:

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P.S. Ever since I was a little lass, I've always been obsessed with music. Here's a playlist I'm jamming to right now.

P.P.S. Appropriate post for today's topic! And this one.

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