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I've tormented myself every single day.

I'm not doing enough. I should be doing something else, something different, something more. I neeeeeeed to be making money. I'm going to mess everything up for my family. 😮😱

The societal programming in my brain is LOUD.

And since leaving my 25-year sales career to pursue...well, all my creative stuff with no real plan, it's been stressful to say the least.

My body goes into a full PANIC when someone asks me "what do you do with your days" now?

Our culture says: Productivity = self-worth. Earning money = self-worth. Achievement = self-worth. And it is deeply programmed into me.

Want to hear some truth?

Despite all of this self-judgment and pressure I put on myself, I have LOVED not working. 😍

I've had the most meaningful summer with my family. I've gone on ridiculous adventures like doing a solo overnight hike in the mountains, did a 12 hour walk with no phone, no music, just me and my thoughts, and even did psychedelic-assisted therapy for the first time which has cracked me open in a way I never expected.

The thought of going back to owing my time to someone else - well, I definitely don't feel ready to go back to that yet.


I do feel the nudge that it's time to make some decisions again about what the next phase will look like.

As I get daily reminders of a lower bank balance that normally send me into a panicked frenzy, I'm feeling a lot less driven by stress and more driven by possibility and clarity.

Could it be that it's time?

And while the old familiar muscle of GSD (getting sh*t done) is flexing, this feels more aligned.

I'm at the Podcast Movement conference in Dallas this week. it's the largest podcast conference in the world.

I've gone back and forth with feeling insanely insecure about my place in the podcast world and then go back into possibility mode.

The see-saw is REAL! I'm wondering where in your life you feel this see-saw, too? I can't be alone here, right?

As I consider Culture Changers and what the future holds, I think it's time to level up here.

And I wonder what YOU enjoy the most from my content. Maybe you hate-listen or hate-scroll, I get that. More power to ya. I appreciate the views.

But if there's something that you enjoy or get value from, will you hit reply and tell me?

This information will truly help me with the next phase - since we get to be on this journey together.

And speaking of workworkworkworkwork, I just kicked off the work culture series and interviewed the Rhodes scholar, career advisor, and author of the new book for women called Begin Boldly, Christie Hunter Arscott.

Work culture is truly changing - and women have leverage right now. We had a great conversation on how to take intentional risks, reach higher, change the culture, and get what you want.

Listen here:

Show notes page

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Google Podcasts




P.S. Worried about drinking too much? Maybe there's a MAGIC wand for that. 🍄 😱

P.P.S. So I'm sneaking out of my conference to get a little further each time for this series! OBSESSED!

P.P.P.S. I should start a separate podcast on binge watching TV, shouldn't I? I love it so much. You love it, too? Might be looking for a dynamic co-host!

P.P.P.P.S. Do you lay awake at night wondering how you could support Culture Changers AND get your episodes ad-free? Say no more. I gotchu.

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