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I'm not that good at being around kids.

It's not as bad as my discomfort around dogs or really, any pets. But I'm definitely not really a natural. In fact, I even did an episode on how I hate playing with my kids. #supermom

I normally pack out the summers with camps for both of my kids every year. I mean, they have two working parents. Well, they HAD two working parents.

I start booking them in January (sheesh: summer camp scheduling and booking is as insane as getting your kid on lists before they are born for preschool).

I started filling out my trusty camp spreadsheet week by week. And no lie, the costs of camp will make any head spin! Inflation is no joke!

But I had made the decision in early January that I would leave my corporate job in April.

What was I booking all of these camps for? I was going to be HOME! With no job! Like, able to focus on my kids and not pay for all those camps.

The truth is I was TERRIFIED at the prospect of filling my days with stuff for my kids to do. Or know what to do with just me and them. 🙈

I don't like to play. Or do crafts. Pinterest projects make me want to tear my own skin off. 😱

And this week, we had something different.

My son, Danny, is kind of a Minecraft wizard. I learned that there is a camp for that and it just happened to be during the week they are at Camp Hare. So we signed him up. He's thrilled.

Looks like it was going to be just my daughter and I all week long. All. Week. Long.

My daughter, Juliana, who's 7, was giddy at the prospect of feeling like an only child this week. And had grand plans of all the places I would take her.

But something pretty amazing has happened.

We've connected in a way I have never known this week.

Despite her begging to go to Legoland and grand moneypit adventures, we've had a different experience.

It's the little moments.

A trip to Waffle House (I mean, you wouldn't believe her squealing at how DELICIOUS the eggs and waffles were to her), a matinee showing of Lightyear where our legs and arms were tangled in the recliner chairs because she wanted to snuggle, impromptu kitchen dance parties (she loves I Gotta Feeling and Feel Invincible); I'm digging Beyonce's new drop of Break My Soul which I'm SURE was written about me, 😉 and her telling me about everything under the sun, talking non-stop. She's just so quirky and smart and fun and delightful. It's just pure medicine for my soul.

We are heading to Six Flags Today. Thank heavens for those season passes because they are really coming in handy.

Juliana asked my husband "Daddy, can you quit your job so you can spend time with me like Mommy is?" I mean.... 💕 🤗 🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰

Anyway, I know this time goes fast. I never expected this, but this time with my daughter has made this whole quest for a more aligned career - full of uncertainty, doubt, confusion, and trusting gut instincts - completely worth it.

In the meantime, I released an episode today on a topic that NOBODY talks about but I get the feeling that most people feel on some level.

Unless you are a sociopath.

What do you do when someone hates you for no reason?

I invited Ed Latimore, best-selling author, philosopher, and former pro heavyweight champion boxer (yup, you read that right!) on to discuss it. What a surprising approach he has to it!

Listen here:

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P.S. Upset by Roe v Wade being overturned and want to know how to help (in ways you hadn't thought of), listen here, watch here, read here, or share here.

P.P.S. Drama dots! ....😂 😂 😂

P.P.P.S. You into Menudo? What a bomb dropper! 💣

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