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Late or on-time?

Ooooo today has been a long-time coming!

Culture Changers Podcast has now been aptly named...LATE LEARNER!

I've been pushed to embrace a lot of lessons this week.

For one, I had scheduled a brand expert to help me with all the assets of the rebrand this week.

But she had to reschedule and I KNEW I was being called to trust in my own abilities and publish today.

If you know me, you'll know that I absolutely detest and run at top speed AWAY from creating anything visual.

A Pinterest mom, I am not. It's just not my jam. Audio? Sure, all day. Visual? HELLLLL NO!

But I decided to open my arms to my own abilities.

I had toiled and toiled for weeks on making the message of the new brand compelling, clear, direct, and have its own edge - one that was true to my voice and mission - but had thee mile marketing sensibilities to hook you in the first 10 seconds.

And alas, the marketing brain is what blocks my creative brain.

In other words, my perfectionism has crept in again. In fact, the podcast cover art will most likely change - maybe even the new music (although I LOOOOOVE it). But the message is right from my heart - and I feel a sense of pride of putting out something that matches my insides.

And even deeper than that, it exposes my relentless need to be heard and seen and to speak clearly.

And as I continued to be in this obsessive drive that I can't seem to shut off, I realize I don't want to.

I just can't help but embrace the wonder that comes along with the question...what if?

I guess I've just always been a late learner.

Maybe you feel that way, too.

That nagging feeling you should have been further along than you are now.

But maybe we are just right on time.

INVITATION: Take an idea that you might have pushed to the back of your mind - maybe because of time or feasibility - maybe it's just a glimmer or a passing thought - and ask yourself "what if you could?" Pick ANY step to try it or move forward. And tell me what happens.

Want to hear more about the new show? AHHHH!

PLEASE go tell all your peoples.

EP170: WELCOME TO LATE LEARNER (well, really EP 1)

Thank you so so much for your support.



P.S. If you still have Halloween on your mind, let this put a devilish smile on your face.

P.P.S. Still time to join me in trying something new and fun every day in January. Join here for the NEW New Year Challenge.

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P.P.P.P.P.S. AAAAAAHHH!!!! I am so excited my new podcast is FINALLY OUT! Will you listen and let me know what you thought? Better yet, let your friends know, too!

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