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Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

I've been super obsessed with that Netflix show, Sex/Life. Have you seen it yet?

What a game-changer!

The writing isn't entirely stellar and some of the plot points are a little questionable - BUT it has stricken a nerve in women (and men) everywhere.

What's so interesting is that regardless of what happens in the 8-episode series (and it unfolds in the most unexpected and jaw-dropping ways), the lead roles are female and are firmly in the protagonist seat.

And OMG, the story is IRRESISTIBLE and I became a full-blown addict to this show until I could errr...finish. 💋

Anyway, I'm putting together a miniseries on Culture Changers Podcast on the topic of Sex!

But remember, this is about culture changing ideas.

And I'd love your help.

What topics you are interested, struggling with, or just plain curious about as it relates to sex?

I am going to do thought-provoking shows discussing ethical non-monagamy, sexual freedom, sex workers, celibacy, Sex and the City reboot, and I'll just keep on coming with the good stuff (cough cough - all puns intended 😉).

Here are some ideas: being in a sexless relationship, sex trafficking, porn, sexual preference, sex positivity.

Can you email me back with what's on your mind? I promise to keep your identity anonymous (unless you want it to be public).

Or do you know someone notable or an expert in these topics that I should have as a guest on my show?

As you can see, my hope is to change your perspective and add a layer of humanity.

The culture is a-changing. Might as well be on the forefront of a better and more accepting world.



P.S. Did you listen to my guided walking meditation yet? Go for a walk! It'll do ya good.

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