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Lost in Control: Embracing Detours on the Road to Success

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How 'bout now?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself - what am I working towards anyway?

My eyes are half-rolling with the cliches of "it's about the journey" but sometimes you realize you truly are directionless.

Running really fast. Running from something. Running towards more money/more freedom/just keeping your head above water.

FOR WHAT? Let's put a pin in that. 📌

Last weekend, I took my ATL members of my Effective Collective mastermind on a journey to climb the tallest peak in Georgia - Brasstown Bald.

I had never done it before. The internets said it was a 5 1/2 hour hike round trip - about 3 miles each way. We can TOTALLY do this! 360 degree views overlooking Georgia. SWEET! Let's do it.

WELL? I think we accidentally took 2 different trails and it took us ALMOST TEN HOURS. WHOOPS! 😬 😰

There was barely a lookout and the top was anticlimactic. In fact, I'm not even sure it was the peak advertised on Google.

The trails were in the middle of the wilderness in the forest. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. But damn, there were endless switchbacks, no overlooks, barely any people - just us. Virtually strangers together for 14 hours putting our bodies and minds to a MUCH longer test we weren't expecting.

Our bodies were breaking down. Knees in pain. Fatigue was setting in HARD. Our mindsets were being tested.

I started to curse at myself for taking them on this WAY longer journey. No off-ramp. What if something happens? I am CPR certified but would I be able to help them if something happened? Do they hate me?

I should have gotten certified in Forest Bathing or something to be more responsible if something happened. Would they trust me again?

The battle in my head was raging with admonishing myself - giving myself grace - reminding myself that they chose to say yes.

And after unpacking this with my therapist, I realized that I was trying to control not only my outcome and experience - AND EVERYBODY ELSE's. And that part really is out of my control.

Control freak - 1. Allison - 0. Again.

And I started to look at how much I do this in other areas of my life.

Turns out, A LOT. I am so meticulous about how the podcast will land, these blog posts when they land in your inbox, having tough conversations, making sure my kids are developing exactly as I want, etc, etc.

Maybe it's time to release control over how I curate how I show up in the hopes I am received as intended.

INVITATION: When things don't go your way or a detour is unexpectedly needed, how do you respond? Where else does it show up in your life? Once you name it, you can tame it. Is it serving you? What adjustments can you make going forward? This is how we all heal.

This week on the Late Learner Podcast, we are talking about something a little different than my normal episodes.

We are talking about whether YOU might already have a personal brand and don't even know that you might be able to turn it into a business.

Yes, I'm serious! How cool is that?

You might be in a state of transition, feeling like you are ready for a new step or open to new opportunities for more joy, purpose, fulfillment, intention, impact.

I got former pro athlete turned bestselling author and personal brand expert, Bob Wheatley to talk to us about it.


I know you. You're like me. You've got big dreams. Let's put a structure and strategy around getting there and open the doors to more openings you might not have even known existed.



P.S. Looking for over-functioning, high-performing, and new adventure-seeking mothers who are looking to recenter themselves with a powerful community. Even if you're stretched and over-scheduled. I have expanded capacity for my private hand-selected mastermind, the Effective Collective. See the results of some of the members here. Receive a complimentary effectiveness assessment here before doors close.

P.P.S. While we are taking about a crystal clear vision, this is a GREAT documentary.

P.P.P.S. Laughed so hard. Welcome back!

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