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Maybe it isn't burnout. You might just be BORED.

Who cares about the stuff I'm doing every day? I'm so over it! There's just no juice.

Moving through the motions every day. Chained to the calendar. You've got fires to put out. It's not quite autopilot but you're not sure what you're doing every day is...INSPIRING you anymore.

You look forward to your PTO but the problem with vacations is you still come back to the same life.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Busy + bored.

So how can you mix it up? Would it be helpful to get some of that verve back?

Well, what's the opposite of boredom?

Excitement! Interest. Newness. Fascination. Enchantment. I took a screen shot below of the antonyms to boredom. Ooooo bewitchment! When was the last time you felt bewitched?

So here's what I want you to do.

Pick a word that resonates for you and match it with a small activity or state that you WANT to do - and give yourself permission to do it!

Here's the key you might not realize; INTENTION.

If you think scrolling through The Tinder Blog's accounts so you can be "amused (see it's on the list!), your intentions are pure. Or if you find engrossment in bingeing Wham's new documentary, you're being purposeful and thoughtful about a more desired state. Or maybe it's taking 20 minutes to be in a state of absorption while your journal what you find exciting.

Note your mood right now. And track your mood once you do whatever it is you've chosen.

This will help you build momentum to do it again and reclaim more of your time to give you that jolt of beguilement (another fun word!).

Easy peasy.

Do you think you might be busy + bored? Email me back and let me know.

And while we are on the topic of stuff that can be frustrating, let's talk about having tough conversations.

My guest on Late Learner podcast is divorce lawyer and She Who Wins entrepreneur and podcast host, Renée Bauer.

Think about all those conversations you keep putting off because you HATE conflict or don't have the words. Let's fix it!

Listen here:




P.S. I've created a powerful and irresistible collective of strong moms choosing themselves again. Doors are opening soon to the Effective Collective. If you want to get your name on the early access list for a spot inside EC, hit reply. VERY limited space.

P.P.S. Want a quick, simple, and effective jolt of falling in love with your life again? Join us in the free BOLD challenge here. We start Monday!

P.P.P.S. Oops! Will you read this?

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