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Merry Everything!?!

Tell me your favorite tradition you look forward to every year in the holidays!

Will you email me back and let me know? I love hearing all the special traditions.

I celebrate Christmas - and we celebrate it from Nov 1 - Dec 26 in our house and it's a BIG DEAL around here. 🎄 🏡

Growing up, we used to go to our local church on Christmas Eve for their 11pm candlelight service.

Back then, they used ACTUAL candles 🕯️ which were probably a big-a*s fire hazard but there were no LED, battery-powered votives like we've got today.

My sister and I used to listen to the only station that played 24 hours of Christmas music starting at noon on Christmas Eve - and we would purposely sing off-key as loud as we possibly could on the car ride, and leave messages of our GLORIOUS singing voices doing vocal gymnastics on poor unsuspecting recipients' answering machines (I know, totally dating myself) and laugh uncontrollably as we hung up and pulled into the church.

We were like the Sweeney Sisters, except worse. Much much worse!

Anyway, I have some really big news that I'm sharing on today's solo podcast episode.

It's been quite a year for me - and next year will see some massive changes. And one of those changes is you will be able to work with me!

AND I did a second round of psychedelic-assisted therapy last week. I documented the experience and aftermath in today's deeply personal episode.

Much of it is still unfolding, but you don't want to miss the details of this one as it was a wild ride.

Listen here:

EP168: My Psychedelics Part 2 and What's NEW in the New Year

I truly hope you have the happiest of holidays. And if this is a season with a lot of struggle, you are not alone. Sending love,


P.S. Want to GUARANTEE you open some new possibilities for a brighter 2023? Join me for the FREE NEW New Year Challenge and let's do it together!

P.P.S. You know all these unconventional adventures I've been going on? I'm opening it up for you to come with me in 2023. Join the wait list here (plus a quick 5 question survey to help me put the final touches)!

P.P.P.S. This book is rocking my earth! Feels like an awakening.

P.P.P.P.S. Uh, it's gonna be cold out this weekend - but I sure feel this!!! HAHAHAHA!

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