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My psychic says....

When I'm desperate for answers and all the traditional methods fail, my metaphysical healers always come through.✨🔮

Back in 2017, I went to a tarot reader and begged for help with my work life.

She immediately pivoted to my disordered eating, my obsession to stay thin, and my relationship with my mom.

With one reading, she reversed it all. For reals. 😱⚡️

I've recorded every reading I've done with her and listened back to this one from 9/21/17. See the tarot spread from that day right here!

She nailed it back then and she nailed it again in 2022. More on that later.

Sometimes I feel so caught up in my own cyclones, it's hard to see a clear sky.

I'm leaning really hard into the unknown right now as big transitions are abound. It's the only thing that feels right.

Personally, I've had the most roller-coastery week. Not sure if it's a mercury in retrograde thing or just a me-thing.

From the extremes of feeling like the pressure was more than I could bear as I closed out my fiscal sales year at work to taking off the rest of the week and trying to find footing as a normal human being again.

What I can say is I am never going to do that again. It's too much.

What I will say is I'm grateful for the deep support I feel - at home, with friends, and with the professionals I pay to help me through it.

And speaking of professionals, I'm super honored to have my ACTUAL THERAPIST on my podcast today.

Megan Gillespie is talking about rewiring those old stories and talking about attachment theory, dealing with anxiety, regulating your nervous system, and REPARENTING!

She's awesome. And she's nailing it on IG, too.

Listen here:

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P.S. SUPER proud and grateful to have my new sponsor BetterHelp. Listen, we don't have to do this alone. Get 10% off your first month of therapy using this link:

P.P.S. Do you think Hugh Hefner was a POS?

P.P.P.S. Y'all my dance classes are 🔥. Sign up HERE!

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