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New Girl Summer

Should I move to a new city?

Change paths?

I used to delight in putting my favorite people together - unmistakable connections and meaning.

I would set up intentional gatherings in my home or in unforgettable places where you couldn't help but be changed and bonded to each other in the best ways.

While I effing hate running, I loved doing 5K's just because I'm addicted to the adrenaline you feel before any kind of physical feat and the energy of ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE doing it with you.

I used to host Sparked parties at my house. Sparked is a very cool and unique board game where anytime I played it with girlfriends, we'd all end up crying and connected in the best possible ways. Highly recommend!

I thought I would host it for strangers and extended the invitation on a large local moms group via Facebook. I had 12 guests, none of which I knew at my house. We had an amazing time - but the thrill was gone for me. I was so burnt-out at work, I just felt depleted and that I couldn't hold that space anymore until I filled my own up.

The pandemic hit anyway - and I still hadn't really recovered.

And I realize how much I missed meeting new and interesting people. I miss hosting gatherings at my house (I have no idea why I just plain stopped). I miss intentionally connecting people. It's time for a nice refresh all around.

And also, I'm pretty sure my existing friends are sick of my sh*t. 😆

SO, guess what? This is #NewGirlSummer for me!

I'm going to be the New girl in as many places as I can and see what magic unfolds. Pickleball. New gym classes. Meetups. Whatever piques my interest - let's try it!

It's funny - I didn't realize how much my being burnt out cost me and that it's taken me over a full year to feel fully refreshed. AND I've learned some tricks that I wish I knew when I was in that state and feel pretty passionate about helping other busy moms hit REFRESH, too.

INVITATION: Want to be a #newgirl with me? Email me back with ONE new activity you're going to do to expand your circle.

Want to go even deeper and get some accountability on this? Join the Effective Collective, the MOTHER of all masterminds where I've put together a small cohort of strong mothers who are looking to put themselves back in the center of their lives. Interested to learn more, click here for more details on the Effective Collective.

Now for some more personal news, my daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD.

Once I started sharing with friends as we are truly at the beginning of figuring out how best to support her, turns out SO many of you also have children who have been diagnosed or you might have it yourself. BUT NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT.

Not talking about it openly is exactly the signal I need to bring it out into the sunlight.

I crowdsourced some questions from YOU about ADHD and invited my girl, Cindy Robinson back on to talk about it on Late Learner Podcast. She's a celebrated parent and teen coach with deep experience working with neurodiverse clients (she also has ADHD, too!).

Also, she's been a guest on my show so much covering SO many tough topics around parenting and understanding human behavior, I compiled all of her episodes in the show notes.

Listen here - and be sure to pass this one on - it's a banger!

EP186: Understanding ADHD: Tricks and Tips you HAVEN'T heard yet


Allison Hare

P.S. Oooo who knew THIS could be true of ambivalent friends. Do you have any that come to mind?

P.P.S. omg. omg. omg. Sam Jones?!?!?!?

P.P.P.S. If you're the "get sh*t done, girl," you'll want to check this out.

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