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New job + a new bloom

I started a new job this week. Eeeeek!

It's contract. It's only 2 days a week. It's SOOOOO up my alley. It's so aligned. I'm so grateful.

When I saw a post that they were looking for a salesperson, I reluctantly inquired.

Not because I wasn't interested, but because when I've explored several other opportunities and could feel my body lock up again like it did when I worked in the corporate world.

I wondered if I had just boxed myself out of perfectly good opportunities.

Was I being too stubborn? A martyr? Too picky? Too much ego?

We all know, I've got a big a*s ego! 🤩

I have worked SO hard building my own brand out of nothing. The podcast. A new membership opportunity for burnt-out women (I can barely contain myself on this one, it's going to be SO transformative and DIFFERENT from anything else out there - stay tuned). The blog. Atlanta Wellness Retreats.

Infinite possibilities and so much I want to pursue and see through.

Miles and miles and miles of unique experience to bring to any opportunity.

And whenever I would explore an opportunity, the tightness in my chest would return, and I would hear a little voice inside saying "Not yet. You're SO close. Keep going."

This season does feel like Spring. I take such great delight in the buds bursting into blooms as the bare trees start to regain some color and fresh lush leaves.

And I'm really starting to see the fruits of my labor starting to come into fruition in a massive way. On all fronts.

Do you feel that in your life?

Promise in the air. Some clarity starting to form. A return to light from the hibernating nature of winter.

My son and I were having a deep conversation as he navigates friendships in 4th grade.

I told him that he's like his dad. A strong tree with a solid trunk that only grows stronger as the roots creep deep into the earth as he weathers any storm. That as long as he stays grounded and firm in who he is, he can handle anything that comes his way.

"Mom, I think you're a flower that keeps blooming and blooming into something new." 🌸 🌺 🌹

BRB. Allergies. 😭😭😭

He also followed it up that if he and Dad are trees, and I am a flower, his sister is a squirrel running around and messing with the trees and flowers. 🐿️ 😂

Ah, well.

INVITATION: Notice what is blooming for you right now. Even if it's tiny. And share it with someone else. Yes, I'm serious. Even if it's me! Sometimes we just need to be seen and heard. Your good news is infectious. And that's how gratitude and momentum for MORE good things start to build.

Speaking of our own intuitively-led guidance, I have been DYING to introduce you to Miracle Worker and renowned Doctor of Chiropractic, Devin Vrana.

As is standard with every episode of Late Learner, Dr. Devin is bringing such a fresh new perspective on our own healing - and understanding the map of our energy as it relates to our physical body. And that we have even more powerful understanding of how to release any stored trauma and discomfort.

This is a GREAT one you don't want to miss! Click on this link:




P.S. I absolutely LOVED this documentary. So thought-provoking. Did you see it yet?

P.P.S. In Atlanta? We are doing another pop-up Reb3l dance fitness class on 3/26. Grab your spot, grab a friend, put it on your calendar, and let's have fun!

P.P.P.S. 👼 vs. 😈 ? Who will win? This is my March Madness.

P.P.P.P.S. I've got big things brewing. If you aren't already subscribed to have these emails delivered to you weekly, sign-up here.

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