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Out of whack? Feel like you need an exorcism? A better prescription for your well-being.

"I need an exorcism." 👹😵👻

Maybe it's perimenopause, an overpacked schedule, or just working on a stupid amount of projects at once - you get the sense that this pace is just not sustainable.

You know deep down, something needs to change.

At least, that's what I walked in with for my poor reiki healer to help me with this past weekend. 🔮

I know when I get out of whack, nature is the fastest way to reconnect so I decided to fulfill my quest to scale the tallest peak in each of the lower 48 states this weekend. Mount Mitchell in NC was on deck at 6,640 ft. elevation. SOLO. More on that later.

In order to go UPWARDS 🆙, one needs to go INWARDS. 🙏

But before I did, I needed to get my spirit and energy aligned with the help of my reiki/massage healer, Dara.

I first went to Dara so many years ago. She's my person. I have 2 healers that have never done me wrong and I am so freaking grateful to them both. Dara is one of them.

Dara tapped into my energy fields and what she felt is that my throat especially was very charged.

Meaning that soooo much is going out - and not a lot coming back in to nourish.

Everything in my energy field was buzzing, amplified, and charged - it just needed to be connected to my higher source.

Whoa. She nailed it. Do you relate to this?

Do you notice that you are constantly giving giving giving giving giving? And not feeling the efforts being reciprocated?

The imbalance is where the scales between the masculine energies (doing doing doing) get tipped towards the feminine energies (receiving, allowing, being).

The guidance was to soften.

Soften? WTF do you mean?

Drink LOTS of water, hot teas, put feet into the creek. Water, water, water will soften it all.

Ah, the woo comes through again for me!

And my invitation to to soften and receive. Slooooow down when you know you're running too hard.

And if you don't know how you can slow down, ask for help from someone who has done it (NOT your hot mess friend who you catch yourself gossiping with).

I teach about alignment and balance for a living - and it requires consistent effort and mindfulness to change the old patterns.

Or work with me where I guarantee results or you get your money back.

Want to get started now at no cost to you? Check out my latest Late Learner pod episode:

EP191: How to FINALLY go for your dreams (even when you're busy AF)



P.S. How is this a comedy? Or a "feel-good show?" But DAMN, it's so good! Highly recommend.

P.P.S. Wish you had a crew of other kick-ass moms helping you go further faster? Let's talk about my mastermind (and check out my updated site!)

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