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  • Allison Hare

Outrageous, bold, and audacious

I can get caught in the valleys.

Sometimes I get so afraid to dream bigger and HIDE inside my routine. Can you relate to that?

Even after leaving my job, I never stopped working. I just stopped earning money until I could align the work with right opportunities - whether I created them or otherwise. Still working on that...

But it's time to lift the eyes higher. And inviting you to do the same.

As I've had some time to reflect on what went right in 2022 (quitting, quality time with kids and family, return to nature, deeper introspection, unplanned plans, realignment of social circles, etc.), I am so excited for another year of experiences to continue teaching me some of life's most important lessons.

Sometimes people have New Year's Resolutions. Some people have a word they'd like to guide their year by.

I think it might be a good idea to have a resolution for January only - and see what sticks and feels right.

But the words "OUTRAGEOUS," "BOLD," and "AUDACIOUS" keep coming up for me. And for you, too.

Stay with me on this one...

What if you planned one outrageous adventure each quarter (maybe it's signing up for a 5K or even an improv class - ask yourself - what would be FUN for you to try)? One bold outing each month (like a more challenging hike than you would normally do or volunteering at Habitat for Humanity)? One audacious goal this year (TED Talk? switch careers? write a book?)?

If you seek purpose or deeper meaning in your everyday life, interrupting the pattern with something new, exciting, a little bit scary - even thrilling, could change everything for you.

Stepping out of your routine, meeting like-minded curious and open GOOD people, stretching yourself beyond your normal comfort zone. Ah! I live for this!

For example, I generally HATE running. Like completely effing HATE it. BUT I've done a few 5Ks and even a 10K. And there's something very intoxicating about showing up at the crack of dawn with the others for any kind of physical challenge or shared common goal.

The anticipation BEFORE the race and the camaraderie that happens when you are working with a shared goal - even though you may not know each other. These are the moments you are the most proud of for the rest of your life and some of the bonds you create are lifelong and unbreakable.

Those moments where you know there's magic in the air and you are just so glad to be part of it. Those experiences. Those challenges that you say YES to - are the ones that shape and define your future faster than climbing any corporate ladder or checking all the boxes for the culture's tired old formula for success.

INVITATION: Shake up your routine in 2023. Try new things. ASK YOURSELF "What do I want to do?" Like, for real. Not what should I do to lose weight/earn more money/blah blah. But what lights you up? What are you interested in? And freaking DO IT.

Reaching for big audacious goals can be really scary and can be really hard. But GOOD LAWD, it's so worth it.

For me, I've made some very hard decisions in the past month - great opportunities where I could make good money - but everything in my body told me to go a different direction.

And continue to bet on myself. It's scary AF. I've never been more sure that I made the right decision.

So in 2023, let's be bold. Let's be audacious. Let's get some outrageous experiences under our belt. Because life is too short to play it small and forget to live it out fully.

If you want to kick-off the new year with me by doing 31 new ideas in January, join this challenge (it's free!).

Truly, wishing you a very very happy New Year and can't wait to see what we can do together this year. 🎊 🎉

We have the luxury of knowing each other - let's run together!



P.S. I'm announcing my new podcast name and rebrand THIS THURSDAY! 😃 😀 😄 Follow Culture Changers (for now) here and don't miss the episode. If you want the juicy details NOW (and the behind-the scenes that won't be published publicly because it's too personal, they are available for Patreon supporters here.

P.P.S. I've actually created a business model to offer 16 transformational experiences (like the ones I mentioned above) a year for a new wellness brand I'm building. You know, the kind that restores your life force and reawakens that badass you accidentally left behind. I'm putting the final touches on it - if you could take 1 minute and answer these quick 5 questions, it will really help. I am excited about this one as the experiences will be using natural elements, highly bespoke, and will be set up very uniquely in unforgettable locales. 🎊

P.P.P.S. Culture Changers has reached some milestones this year. Thank you for making it great!

P.P.P.P.S. What is OUT for you in 2023? And IN? Email me back and let me know! Or head to my socials and comment there.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Be proud to suck at something new!

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