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Roe v Wade is sending me back under a rock

Roe v Wade being overturned has me trembling like a pile of Jello.

When the Kavanaugh hearings were happening a few years back, I found myself uncontrollably and unusually upset.

It felt so personal.

The anger he displayed in the trial, the disbelief and subsequent banishment of Christine Blasey Ford (never to be seen in public again, it seems), the glib dismissive laughs about his partying college days.

Ms. Ford doing everything she could to keep her composure and not automatically be deemed a "hysterical" and "emotional" woman.

It was too much.

It was a parade of the patriarchy, white male privilege, and #MeToo on full display.

This week has gotten me thinking about my place in the story of changing a culture.

I have a VERY tough time with feeling passionate about something and NOT doing something about it.

I get frustrated with people who endlessly watch the news, consume their biased media, and regurgitate whatever their talking points they've heard on social media - without contributing to an actual and productive solution.

A lot of thought-terminating cliches, distrust of most media sources, and no critical thought.

And even worse, villainizing, hateful name calling, and dehumanizing people who don't agree.

During the hearings, I remember seeing a healer (of course) at that time.

I was visibly shaken. Couldn't stop thinking about it. It weighed so heavily on my heart and I couldn't shake how bad it felt.

Should I run for some kind of office? I mean, if I am capable and want change, how can I help?

I started volunteering and giving as much as I could donate to Stacey Abrams' gubernatorial campaign.

I have NEVER been involved with politics before. In fact, I never cared before 2016. Apparently, having my head in the sand was exactly where I wanted it to be. Politics can be just so negative and vitriolic.

But to me, I BELIEVED in Stacey Abrams. It wasn't a "lesser of two evils," I was FOR her.

Then the political climate nationally and locally just got so....personal. Family, friends, neighbors. No one knew who they could trust anymore.

Fighting with people on social media was out of the question for me and the echo chambers felt good, but weren't really effective.

The healer was like......"nooooooo. I don't think running for office is your path (which I gasped a sigh of relief)."

But it was the seed that planted Culture Changers podcast.

It was born out of frustration of the political climate.

I wanted to make more of a difference beyond one vote every two years - and not just politically. It was so much bigger.

I started to see and experience so much more dramatic inequities and broken systems - that I thought, if my friends knew what I was discovering, maybe they would get involved with me.

We could change the culture together!

And here we are with the pending news of Roe v Wade being overturned.

The social issues are always the ultimate political pawn and such a low blow to marginalized people everywhere.

People who truly do deserve a voice, equality, and opportunities.

As I consider my next path, one thing that's starting to become clear is that I will need to be more fearless in how I show up.

And no, I am not going into politics. I genuinely don't think my heart could take it.

But I am going to continue using the podcast as a platform for change - a force for good, no matter what.

And we are having meaningful discussions on the Culture Changers Discord server where we can break down some of our biggest challenges and see how we can create a new future together.

I really hope you will join me on Discord. I've been waiting a long time to figure out how to make the podcast community interactive - and introduce you to each other.

AND I can't wait to have a discussion on Discord after you hear this episode with Erin Washington of the popular Squats and Margaritas brand (book, blog, podcast).

Her position on diet culture is spot on, BUT I wonder if her methods are viable? She's a fellow former disordered eater (hey, me too!) and a former pro athlete (def not me but always fascinating).

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P.S. Late to this party, but DAMN! Do you think this is about the Murdoch family?

P.P.S. Ever wonder why Americans have such a trust problem with experts? This was mind-blowing 🤯

P.P.P.S. Seriously, you need to be on this. Promise, it's worth it.

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