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Running from crazy

The big news is that I'm interviewing the legendary Mariel Hemingway this week. 😱 Today, in fact.

A famous Academy-award nominated actress from a dynasty plagued with unimaginable tragedy. Some call it the Hemingway Curse. I don't know how she's made it through alive, but I have been so inspired by her mission.

I remember watching the E! True Hollywood Story about the tragic death of her famous sister, Margaux Hemingway in 1997.

I don't know why - I've always been intensely interested in drug addiction despite being pretty scared of the stuff my whole life. And this particular biography just left me stunned and sad.

Do you remember E! True Hollywood Story? I still have the theme music in my head. So gripping and compelling.

How do you begin healing generational trauma and breaking family cycles?

And wondered how far the depths of sadness and despair can feel for so many. If it's genetic or feels out of control and you suffer from it, are you doomed? Or is there better support to help you process.

One of the reasons why I started Culture Changers Podcast is because I experienced the US healthcare system being so irrevocably broken and needing reform. And mental health reform?

Jeeeeeez. I need a minute to unpack this.

I often say I don't have the answers, yet I am on the journey with you. and I wanted to offer an invitation to you to join me by taking one small step in your own life.

One of the things I am working on this week is accepting help and support without feeling shame that I need help and immediate guilt that I need to reciprocate and not be in debted to anyone.

Invitation: if someone offers help this week, say "yes, please and thank you." And that's it!

I've had some extreme kindness and generosity be extended to me out of the blue - without prompting.

And instead of my usual thought pattern of thinking I'm a loser, I am choosing that these are divine gifts that I'm recognizing as the universe supporting me.

You may have heard, my podcast will be changing again. I don't have all the details fully formed yet, but I am deeply exploring brand strategy partners as I am committed to making a bigger impact and would love your input.

Eeeek! it's exciting! And I decided to record a solocast to tell you more about my profound discoveries AFTER my psychedelic experience that I wasn't expecting, and what I learned from my 2nd 12-hour walk.

Listen here:

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P.S. Mariel Hemingway did a fascinating documentary on her life called Running From Crazy. Highly recommend.

P.P.S. Under his eye, It's back. I'm scared. Must. Get. Beta. Blockers.

P.P.P.S. Wow. This is true leadership.

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