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Should I Friend or Should I Go?

I haven't been totally honest.

I have some friends that I wish I were closer to.

They have busy lives (pretty sure I do, too).

They have other friends.

They have other priorities.

I ask to hang out. Or do something special. Or go on vacation.

But it's just not quite in the cards.

And if it is, it's under a tight time frame.

But it doesn't feel good to be squeezed in.

I have been afraid to be honest about it.

That it hurts my feelings deeply.

Because I'm afraid if I tell the truth, it'll be too much drama.

I won't be worth keeping around.

And I can promise you this - I don't have a lot of drama in my life.

But I sure have drama in my head.

But the truth is that if I'm holding back so much, I'm not even being myself.

I don't think I'm enough.

And that's just bullsh*t.

How can I expect people to love me when I'm shrinking shrinking shrinking to fit in?

So F-that. I'm dropping that sh*t, too.

But it's still hard.

Also, I got highly sought-after CERTIFIED FRIENDSHIP COACH (Yes, that's an actual thing), Danielle Bayard Jackson on the podcast today.

Answering all of your questions. And asking - WHY IS THERE SO MUCH SHAME to discuss how we really feel about the depth of our friendships.

Do NOT miss this one. It's a doozy:

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P.S. If you're in Atlanta, I'm teaching my first dance pop-up in studio! Come dance with me and bring friends (see what I did there?).

P.P.S. I found the greatest and most ridiculously amazing gift in time for the holidays. I'm OBSESSSSSSED! #notanad

P.P.P.S. Wow - the conversations y'all are having with me on this Belonging series tells me I might have hit a nerve. So glad I'm not alone here. <3 Please keep sharing-

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