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Should I start a cult?

Well, that's one way to belong.

I've thought a lot about the appeal.

It's downright intoxicating.

They always start out with good intentions, right?

Be part of a movement. Improve the world.

Elevate your life. Share it with like-minded people.

You have a built-in chosen "family."

People who just get you.

Somewhere where you belong.

And can share new ideas.

But then, everything changes. But why?

Sometimes I get so passionate about something, I just want others to feel it, too.

Like the freedom and release I feel through dance.

Or an idea I learned about in a documentary.

Or how much I love Fruit by the Foot.

And sometimes my passion comes across SO STRONGLY.

I really think I would make a good cult leader.

Except, I don't want to be a creeper. Or an a-hole. Or manipulative. Or have sex with children.

But don't you think the rubber-neck can't-look-away fascination towards cults is because it could happen to you? Us? Any of us?

Crossfit. Your church. A yoga studio. An activist group. Marathon runners. The Bachelor! A book club. #FreeBritney fans.

ANY of these have some cult-like tendencies. And not all are bad.

But damn. They are irresistible to learn about, aren't they?

Have you heard the new runaway hit podcast called Was I In a Cult?

It's irreverently hilarious (sarcasm is my love language, you know). It's super insightful.

And I hang on every word, it's so well done.

And wouldn't you know, I hunted down the co-hosts, documentary filmmaker Tyler Measom and stand-up comedian Liz Iacuzzi.

And they're on Culture Changers Podcast this week, talking all things CULTS and the need to belong. 💥💥

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P.S. You in Atlanta? Remember that I said I loved to share dance? I'm teaching at a free class tonight in the park. Grab your spot here.

P.P.S. Speaking of sociopathic narcissists, I'm SO excited that YOU's new season is back out.

P.P.P. S. About last week's episode. Thank you. Just thank you.

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