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The clearing

My people are tired. Overscheduled. Bleary eyed. Running on empty.

Last weekend, I went to several Halloween parties and was coordinating plans as the holidays kick into high gear.

I talked to my fellow moms as the quiet look of desperation couldn't be hidden anymore.

How long can I keep this up?

The games. The practices. The tutors. The parties. The homework. On top of work. The kids need to eat. Spouse is traveling. Can't wait to see friends but I'm so freaking tired.

Oh, and maybe I can get a workout in? A walk? Is there a vacation anywhere in sight?

Making one more plan may put me over the edge.

Ugh, forget it. I just need to nap.

Watching the clock and counting the hours until you can check-off everything and everybody on your calendar...and finally, finally collapse into bed. And wake up tomorrow and do it again.

Setting boundaries are hard.

But asking yourself what you REALLY need and giving space to get it is even harder.

Case in point: I've been trying to be purposeful not to schedule anything in the evenings because while I have the best intentions, I am usually too tired on that day to go.

But in a momentary burst of energy, I ended up agreeing to events and gatherings every single night this week. 😱

WTF was I thinking?

INVITATION: I'm going to do an intentional CLEARING. And if you relate to this, I am inviting you to join me.

Every day in December, I am going to get rid of something each day in accordance to the date of the month. So on Dec 1, I'll get rid of 1 thing. On Dec 2, ditch 2 things, and so on.

It doesn't have to be something physical, it could be letting go of a toxic relationship or releasing the need to be perfect. Or maybe on Dec 20, for instance, you can get rid of 20 things in your overstuffed junk drawer (that thing is a beast, isn't it?).

I'm putting together a list of suggestions AND a private FB group where we can celebrate our "losses" and get new ideas together. Sign-up here! And it's FREEEEEEE!!!!

The more we can get rid of, the more we make room for something NEW and ABUNDANT and way more aligned! Stay tuned as I will be guiding an exercise for that, too.

In the meantime, I am honored to welcome celebrity-loved entrepreneur Jen Leone BACK on the podcast. Her personal story is one steeped in tragedy and how she has not only processed the grief, but also has used her intuition and creativity to create something beautiful out of the ashes time and time again.




P.S. I am LOVING all of your suggestions for the new name of the podcast. I'm still taking suggestions AND creating an experience club for YOU to invite something fresh and rejuvenating for you. Awarding $50 to the person whose suggestion becomes the new name! Click here! It should only take you 2 minutes.

P.P.S. This had me laughing my head off! Like, ACTUALLY LOL'd (you know, instead of what it usually really is, LQTM - Laughing quietly to myself...Demetri Martin joke, IYKYK)

P.P.P.S. Anyone want to buy Vecna's house?

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