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  • Allison Hare

The problem with being a multi-hyphenate

So, you're a dance instructor? Yes. Became one in 2020 with no dance background.

Oh, cool. But you're also a podcaster? Yes, Late Learner Podcast. Four years running and over 500K downloads so far.

And you're in sales, right? Yes - for over 20 years in some of the largest organizations.

And you work in personal branding ? Yep. Working with Brand Builders Group.

But then you have this mastermind thingy for moms? Yep, sure do. It's called the Effective Collective and it's AWESOME.

Sooooo, what do you actually DO? I'm confused.

🙄 😩

For as long as I can remember, I've always thrived on the side.

My main gig paid the bills. The stuff I did on the outskirts fed the soul.

11+ years ago, I had a music blog. It was called RadioPotato (📻 🥔 ) and I used to interview and promote emerging artists as a passion project. Artists like The Civil Wars, Amos Lee, Arrested Development, Tony Lucca, just to name a few). It was SO fun! And I stupidly and purposefully didn't seek monetization. You know, creative integrity. 🙄

I didn't know what I would do without pursuing something I was excited about.

I would look around at my coworkers and wonder how they could be so committed to their main careers the way I felt about my side passions.

It felt tormenting that I couldn't just be ONE thing.

Never cleanly fit into one box. Never fit into one description. Even though I really played it as if I could.

I felt lucky that I could play the game for as long as I did - I cared about success, I cared about doing a good job, I cared about fitting in, I cared about my customers - I cared about the stability and money that the traditional routes brought me for decades.

After leaving the corporate world last year to make a run at turning these side gigs into thriving, profitable full careers, I'm once again, trying to fit into another box that doesn't quite fit.

A little BTS, I'm redesigning my website to be waaaay more functional (it's like a mud room right now- a place to throw all my sh*t) and needing to update all the copy so my goal is that visiting will be an experience that takes you on a journey to late learn right along with me.

And I realized that my own bottleneck for everything I've been trying to progress has been in defining who I am and who I serve in a quick, concise way.

And maybe that's what needs to change. I mean, there are fractional CXO's, freelancers, actors waiting tables, software engineers moonlighting as interior decorators (actually, this is my husband's fun fantasy - he's actually amazing at decorating). 😍

Some are trying to make ends meet and some just trying to feed their families AND their souls.

We are so much more than the identities that define our social belonging. What if we rewrote this in a way that felt more true? Without the limitations of needing it to be just ONE thing if that one thing isn't as fulfilling as you had hoped.

INVITATION: Throwing practicality out the window, what are 5 fantasy careers you would love to try on? Write it down. Couldn't hurt! AND maybe it could spark something even more fulfilling for you.

And if you find yourself wondering "what else" and yearning for more intention in your day - but not sure how to get there, I invite you to book a free call with me. The Effective Collective could be a good avenue for you!

And also, I'm low-key patting myself on the back as my last couple of episodes of Late Learner Podcast, I've experimented with sound design and much tighter production - AND you are responding. 🙌

But I think it MIGHT have something to do with the topics and guests. 😉

First of all, I'm still getting tons of SH*T about the episode with Gwyneth Paltrow's teacher UNDRESSING ME about my approach to aging.

Second, the controversial and provocative episode with Father Dennis about Marginalization in the church has sparked some visceral reactions and interesting perspectives on your approach to faith.

I welcome it all! And invite you to keep late learning with me and in your own communities.



P.S. Still a couple of spots open for my MOTHER of all Masterminds, the Effective Collective. BIG results already - I am absolutely FLOORED! Want to know more? Book a free call here.

P.P.S. I'm pretty sure this season of Ted Lasso has totally sh*t the bed. Agree? Y/N

P.P.P.S. RIP, Tina. What an icon in every sense of the word. And such a groundbreaker for abused women to bravely come forward after she so courageously paved the way publicly. Legend.

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