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The Ugly Truth About Aging

My face is falling apart.

When I was a teenager and would be staying overnight at someone's house, I would sleep with my makeup bag right next to my head.

The moment I would wake up, I'd pull the makeup bag towards me, grab a compact, and put on concealer, eyeliner and mascara before anybody could see me. I couldn't bear for anyone to see my bare face.

At 16!!!!

We are taught to hate our bodies. Hate our hair. Everything is wrong.

That's what Elena Brower told me.

Why haven't we been taught to love our bodies?

Why do we torture our bodies into compliance to fit some standard when our nature might feel better in our skin as it is?

Discipline used to be the gold standard that defined success. I bought into this hook-line-and sinker. And now I think it's total bs.

Success looks like self-acceptance in a way we couldn't even conceive a few years ago.

Why does it have to be Lizzo o'clock before we figured out that maybe there is value to us without having to fit someone else's ideal?

WHAT HAPPENED TO MADONNA'S FACE? I want to hug her and ask her what she sees when she looks in the mirror.

Once I traded in my previous bout with disordered eating and body dysmorphia, I promptly swapped it out for an obsession with looking young.

And in today's new episode of Late Learner podcast, I was minding my own business talking about my guest, celebrity favorite and world renowned yoga and meditation teacher, Elena Brower's groundbreaking ideas and life when this aging thing came up and the convo went right off the rails. T

his got me thinking of how HARD we cling to a certain image.

How it permeates every inch of our minds and adds a permanent dystopian lens to everything we lay eyes on...including our own image. It's time to do some late learning on this.

Listen to Late Learner Podcast here:

Tough lessons in aging, beauty, and self-acceptance with Elena Brower, EP184

INVITATION: What is ONE automatic self-critique you can let go of today? Is it browbeating yourself because you had that bag of chips in bed last night? Or that you berated yourself for not waking up early enough to get to that workout? Give yourself some grace. Just one thing. If you don't think you can do it, borrow my permission. Because I'm giving it freely!



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P.P.S. This girl cracks me UP 100% of the time. We alllll know someone like this.

P.P.P.S. I was a guest on the Behind the Dreamers podcast this week. If you want to hear more about my exit out of corporate and some of the lessons I learned, check it out.

P.P.P.P.S. I feel this. Right on time, too.

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