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This is Us+Love on the Spectrum+More

I rationalize my TV/podcast addiction that I need it for "cultural commentary."

I mean, does that mean I can write off NetflixHBOMaxHuluAmazonDisney+YouTubeWonderyAppleTVSlingSpotifyParamount+whatever else as a "business expense?"

Anyway, let me do a quick recap on what's top on my entertainment list these days:

This is Us Penultimate episode (NBC)- Of course I had to look up what penultimate meant (it means next to last). Uh, not really a spoiler but Rebecca crosses over the train-bow bridge. I have cried Niagara Falls levels of tears over the years of this series. All the reports said I would lose it - but I only whimpered some. Can someone be desensitized to emotion from such an emotional show?

Love on the Spectrum - US (Netflix) - I'm still reeling over how Australia Love on the Spectrum's Ronan got so "excited" over EVERYTHING about Katie. I love the spotlight it's shown on those on the autism spectrum and hope that it sparks way more compassion and dialogue for those who are neurodiverse and finding love. Now that the US version was released, I'm dialed in again. Not to sound too Pollyanna but it appears that autism has reached a new level of chic these days. Amy Schumer's husband, Chris is on the spectrum - and her latest show, Life and Beth (so freaking funny), has a character played by Michael Cera modeled completely after her real-life husband. Anyway, back to Love on the Spectrum, I'm only 2 episodes in and find myself cheering on LOVE and hoping some of cringier moments can pay off in the end. I have noticed that almost 100% of the parents on the show could have the WORST decorated homes on earth, tho. Crooked pictures. Old people flowers everywhere. Have you seen it yet?

Succession (HBO Max): OMG! I know this came out 100 years ago but my husband and I are so into this show! This series is about when a media mogul gets close to retirement and all 4 of his POS kids are angling to get the spot of his successor. As I've gone deep into a rabbit hole about everyone's backstories and BTS (because I can these days...for now! Woop woop!), I've learned that the plot lines portrayed don't even come close to the level of disbelief of what has happened in real life (whoa). Said to be "inspired" by the Fox News and media head Rupert Murdoch's real life choice for successor of his empire (listen to this podcast episode - it's INSANE), there is rumor that there might even be a mole in the actual family inspiring the story lines in the show. There are so many psychologically dark and desperate underbellies of each character that are weaving through a satirical and often-hilarious drama, executive produced by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell (yep, that one).

The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe - The Unheard Tapes (Netflix) - After Kim Kardashian got her sweat all over MM's ORIGINAL gown for the most recent Met Ball (seriously, if it's a historic gown - how do you possibly clean it and preserve it? Gross 🤮 ), it got me thinking about Marilyn some more. MM is endlessly fascinating, impossibly beautiful, and her life was infinitely tragic. This was an interesting concept that Anthony Summers, who has 650 tape recordings of some of her closest confidants and assembled a more in-depth and thought-provoking story about who she is and how she died. Her death has always been shrouded in mystery, but even previous attempts to tell the story (My Week With Marilyn with Michelle Williams) could never do the icon justice other than confirm the sadness surrounding her life and death.

So You Think You Can Dance (Fox):

Ugh, WTF is the Masked Singer? These celebrity-studded game shows are P-A-I-N-F-U-L! It is the dumbest shit ever. But I had to watch the last few minutes before the triumphant return of SYTYCD. I have been WAITING for this! I remember sitting on my apartment couch eating a can of Chicken Noodle Soup and swatting popcorn crumbs off of my cushions when this first premiered like, a zillion years ago. I was transfixed! What I wouldn't do to be able to dance that way. The 17th season opener brought the only standing original back, host Cat Deeley and started with a bang. Judges tWitch (ahhh, I remember him as a dance hopeful in the first seasons 😍), JoJo Siwa, and Matthew Morrison. I couldn't believe that Jojo, a 19 year old megastar, could carry the show - but she does! When i was 19, I was just trying to get a boy to like me in my own little world. But no need to compare notes, amirite? Aaaanyway, I am SOOOOO weary of these competition shows (um, I ONLY saw commercials for every single one ever during Fox - MasterChef, I Can See Your Voice (uh, really? Couldn't get more creative?), Beat Shazam (WTF), ugh, forget it). They are sooooo so contrived, sooooo turbo energy, soooo glossy, and sooooo high stakes for the contestants - especially in dance. But I just loved it. There's something about someone embodying a song literally to tell a story. It's like candy for my brain to experience music, movement, and emotion fused together in such a meaningful way. And I won't give it away, but the impromptu pop battle (that chick has CAJONES!) and the closing performer, Maci. whoa. MORE TO COME!

What are YOU watching? What do I need to see/review?

Hit reply and email me back or leave a comment.

And while you may see this post and think....hmmmm...Allison seems kind of lazy to watch all this TV. 🤔

But what if we were to rethink what is lazy? Could it a defense mechanism?

Cindy Robinson is back on the podcast talking about the lie of laziness and how to unwind the productivity/value lie that could lead into rest.

This episode changed me. Like, instantly.

Listen here:

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P.S. Bravo, Coldplay. They are definitely putting the pedal to the metal.

P.P.S. So you think YOU might want to dance? Click here for a free month using my code "ahare"

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