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What does your political party say about you?

I bet you're tired of talking politics.


In the US, you couldn't escape if you tried over the past 5 years.

And then there's the true test of patience and teeth-gritting....Thanksgiving dinner.

Just 2 weeks away.

But what if our political affiliations and our beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with you?

Wait, what? Sounds insane, right?

Turns out, our decisions have everything to do with the social groups where we belong.

And some are just genetic! Studies show that genetics play a part in which political party you are most likely to be affiliated.

I know what you're thinking....uh, wth am I talking about?

I've been wondering if there's hope to unite the left and the right.

And in my studies, I came across esteemed NYU professor and author, Dr. Jay Van Bavel who has done countless studies on social identities.

I mean, we all have social identities. Think of the labels/social identities you might consider for yourself:

Mother, son, gamer, CrossFitter, gay, non-binary, chocolate lover, coffee drinker, devout Christian, Yankee fan, employee, boss, vegan, activist, Republican, sci-fi lover, cosplay, skateboarder, hipster, academic, bookworm, introvert, gearhead, hunter, etc, etc.

All of these monikers have an unspoken code of conduct that informs every decision you make.

Seth Godin defines culture with the phrase "People like us do things like this"

So how do our social identities shape our culture and how do we understand and connect with each other better?

Lucky for you, I got Dr. Jay Van Bavel to tell us how!

He's on the podcast and you will NOT be able to turn this one off. It's beyond fascinating and I'm thrilled that I am able to deliver him right to your ears.

Listen here:

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P.S. I have my own dance page now!

P.P.S. Super excited about my next miniseries. MONEY! But not how to get wealthy or save better. But how money drives decisions around who we hang out with, how we feel about our significant other, our own self-worth, class systems, all the psychology behind it. Know any experts in this realm? Email me back!

P.P.P.S. I'm watching Nine Perfect Strangers. Y'all. I can't.

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