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What if mama had it all wrong?

My mama said "Never rely on a man for money. Always make your own."

She said "Make sure you go to college. You need it to be successful."

Mama said if you're unhappy with a situation, leave.

Conversely, dad said "why make one woman miserable, when i can make so many so happy?" - (for reference, see above) 😱🙄🧐

Think about it. What are the sayings you heard growing up?

Don't be too boastful. Make sure you're always humble. Don't want to make others feel bad.

"Happy girls are the prettiest."

A watched pot never boils. (uh, yes it does! Who even came up with that?)

You get the point. It's the culture! It's a vibe.

All of these sayings from another time and space are deeeeeply implanted in our brains.

Making us smaller and smaller and smaller.

But we can take the power back.

Cindy Robinson is back on the podcast (her 4th appearance!) talking about rewiring that pesky programming that's effing us up as adults.


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P.S. Have you given up on your resolutions yet? Well, if writing is one of them and you're not sure how to start, this is my favorite daily practice. Quick and easy. TWSS. 😜

P.P.S. Wondering about my TV pitches? 2 live ones, 1 written. 1 interested....stay tuned.

P.P.P.S. Stressed out? In Atlanta? Sometimes you just need to physically shake it out. Come dance with me tonight!

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