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What is a lifestyle entrepreneur anyway?

Lifestyle entrepreneur.

Kind of sounds pretentious and made-up.

Lewis Howes deems himself a "lifestyle entrepreneur" and I thought it was more of a douchey way to say he advocates for a better lifestyle and talks a lot about human optimization.

Fair enough, I guess.

But then I wondered - wait, is that what I am doing?

When I left my corporate job last year with no real plan - just some big dreams and lots of ideas I wanted to try out and cross my fingers, pray for success, and hope like hell, my strategy hasn't changed much.

In fact, the reality is that the harder I try, the more my wheels get stuck spinning not making real progress.

It's so much mindset, I can't even begin to tell you.

This past week, this has become crystal clear.

Every single time I go into freak out mode about money (FREAKquently - get it? get it? nevermind), I panic and start looking for more conventional jobs again.

My body starts to tie up in knots. The pressure in my chest and head gets intense. My shoulders are pinned to my ears like earrings.

It almost feels like a version of PTSD of how I felt during Q4/year-end in SaaS sales. I was ALWAYS in that constant state of anxiety.

How do I find relief from the pressure???

It almost feels like paralysis. My desperation can act as a block for healthy progress or exploration of options. Not to mention that some of the options I have explored are BEYOND full-time commitments that would surely take me away from this big dream that even though practical realities are gnawing, the dream feels closer and closer.

The moment I start to calm down, I do what feels the best - I double down on my own thing.

I focus on the upcoming Atlanta Wellness Retreat that I just opened. Or something with the podcast. Something that feels liberating and expansive.

And almost every single time, I get an unexpected call or note from someone who wants to partner, I get an idea and reach out to someone for collaboration, or a little door that opens.

Signs, right?

And while I am second guessing every decision I make - big or small - it's time to acknowledge I might have more clarity that I even knew.

And lifestyle entrepreneur - is really redefining a whole new path just is created out of nothing - that fits my lifestyle.

What if you can have it all? Like, really?

I have finally pushed myself out of my own nest and already have people signed up for my FIRST Atlanta Wellness Retreat on 2/18 (well, it's a mini retreat! baby steps) called Calm in the Chaos.

I would urge you, if you can be in Atlanta on Feb 18, to sign up for this mini retreat. I've partnered with Just Add Honey Tea Company and it's going to a VERY unique experience that will give you practical tools to help you immediately find peace when everything feels upside down.

INVITATION: What would your ideal lifestyle and career look like? If you could fully be in your element of preferred expertise (AND you enjoyed it), ask yourself - what do you WANT to do? (Not what should you do).

Email me back and let me know. Sometimes just declaring it could set something in motion (and perhaps I might have a connection or an idea to help move you towards that goal).

And this week, I am SO excited about this - but have you heard of Human Design? Have you figured out what type you are?

You know how they say there's no guide book for life? Well, what is there actually is? I got the top leader in the space, Erin Claire Jones to simplify human design and teach us how powerful it is for leveling up your emotional, psychological, and energetic state - and how remarkably accurate it is. ECJ has also partnered with us to give YOU a discount if you want a detailed guide made specifically for you.

Make SURE you listen here and text it to your friends. It's definitely a conversation-starter:

Oh WAIT! Before you listen, take this free test to find out what energy type you are and it will help you understand yourself (and others) better. Email me back, let me know what your type is? I'm a Generator.

LISTEN: EP174 - YOUR Human Design with Erin Claire Jones

WATCH EP174 on YouTube



P.S. This vibe strategy is 💯

P.P.S. Feeling burnt out? Seriously, this will help.

P.P.P.S. I'm thinking about doing a March Meditation challenge...where every day, I'll publish a new meditation. Would you be interested in something like that?

P.P.P.P.S. Stay tuned for a new announcement this coming week! 😀

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