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What to do if you don't measure up?

What to do when you feel like you're not measuring up?

Picture it: you're surrounded by people with WAY bigger degrees, bigger titles, bigger bank accounts, bigger brains, bigger jobs, bigger homes, fancier cars, better relationships, better-behaved kids, and bigger everything.

You look around and ask yourself how quickly someone is going to find out you don't belong here or get that urge to make a mad dash and get the F out of there.

How do you typically respond?

Do you:

A- Pump your chest up, slap on a smile, and fake it till you make it?

B - Avert your eyes, hit the bar and head to the dessert table, and stuff yourself silly until you can leave?

C - Time to bounce! Netflix never lets you down. #byeeeeee

Fun fact and sort of adjacent to this topic: I used to literally get my ass kicked in school when I was a freshman in hs. Not because I was particularly dorky, but because I was a loudmouth - and never had a problem talking back when someone spoke up to me.

To this day, a woman with the initials G.D. can totally F off! And also, I grew up in New Jersey which kind of says a lot soooooo....

Anyway, I've always had an unknown source of boldness. I would have picked "A" above.

Have you ever noticed that the most outwardly appearing confident people can very often be the most sensitive inside?

I've done every form of therapy from self-help culty programs like Landmark Education back in my 20's to traditional talk therapy to psychedelic-assisted help, too. I've done A LOT!

Turns out I am a highly-sensitive person (it's an actual trait! 20% of the population could be categorized in this way). My feelings get hurt ALL. THE. TIME.

Yet I very rarely show it. That's what my podcast and blog are for, amirite? 🎤 💥 ✍️

As I've spent years and years building a fortress around the squishy insides behind a very confident mask, I've learned one ENORMOUS truth.


Depleted, yes. Broken, no. You don't need fixing.

You just need permission to prioritize you and the space to find out what lights you up.

REFLECTION: What would you ADD if you had the time and space to do it? Write it down. Email me back. Tell someone else.

So how do you do it? Well, as usual, it has a few nuances. And I recorded a solo episode with some more embarrassing stories and PACKED it full of some good stuff to help you (and me) along.

Late Learner Podcast:


I'll be sharing some more secrets over the next few weeks as I officially open the doors to the Effective Collective mastermind on July 24th and give you a peek into what we're putting into action in real-time. If you aren't on my email list, GET ON IT HERE.



P.S. Want to put prioritizing you into action for FREE? Sign-up for my super easy and super EFFECTIVE free BOLD Challenge here. Y-E-S!!!!!

P.P.S. Everyone needs to know who Marc Scibilia is right this very minute. This will bring so much joy to your day.

P.P.P.S. An interesting take on rumination and whether birds are getting louder.

P.P.P.P.S. S2, And Just Like That is paaaaainful. I can't wait for today's new episode anyway.

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