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You’re (much) closer than you think to launch your own binge-worthy, results-driven podcast

If you’re on this page I bet it’s because you’ve been thinking about starting your own podcast for a while (Maybe a really long while?)

Maybe you’ve heard about what an excellent way it is to grow your authority and build your network?

Maybe you know that it’s a whip-smart way to create a community of die-hard fans who LOVE you and your work?

Maybe you’re itching to have something that is all your own where you can share the messages that get you excited?


And... maybe you’ve been holding back on taking that first step? Maybe you’re worried that you’ll have to spend way too many hours struggling with editing software and end up feeling discouraged <em(you won’t, you only need 4 commands!)>

Maybe you’re afraid you won’t know what to talk about or you haven’t figured out your concept. Or the prospect of learning the tech has you breaking out in hives.

I sooooo get it! I had some of these fears, too!

I promise that I can help you break through those limiting beliefs and transform into the badass podcaster you were meant to be!

Three reasons why it’s the perfect time to launch your business podcast right the heck now:


Podcasts are a proven revenue driver and make it possible to sell more of your own products and services

(as well as affiliate commissions).

Nearly 2/3 of podcast listeners take actions based on the ads they hear during podcasts (source: Comscore/Wondery)


Podcasts are the only medium where 80% of listeners absorb most of the content (vs other places like Instagram or Facebook where they don’t have an attention span). (source)

Which means that this is the ONE place to put your attention to get the most bang for your effort, this is it!


The demand for new content is GROWING. Listeners follow an average of 7 different shows (which is up from previous years)(source: Podcast Insights).


Just like Netflix, listeners are always looking to get lost in a story.

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Ready to just get your first win?

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My name is Allison and discovering the power of podcasting was like therapy for me...

Just about two years ago, I felt like my voice was being stifled.

I was working in a high-stress, always on, toxic environment with a nightmare of a boss.

Everyday, my heart would tell me that this isn’t where I belonged. This gnawing feeling that the clock was ticking on my ability to make a change and an impact in my life. But at the time I couldn’t see a way out.

With kids, a mortgage, bills and life -- quitting my job cold turkey just wasn’t an option.

So I just kept going through tough work hours and adrenaline spikes every time my boss would message me (which was often and even during scheduled vacations).

I remember the sinking feeling that maybe this was all there was for me.

I look back now and see that I was stuck because I thought that creativity was an all or nothing game. That there wasn’t a way to express myself without having to jeopardize my family’s comfort and financial stability. I now know better.

Maybe you can relate to feeling like this?


I look back and realize that I always had the power to decide to change my situation. That nothing was keeping me stuck but me. All I needed was the right outlet.

Fast forward to today and I’m super proud to say that I’ve helped countless people start their own podcast from scratch and I’ve even found that I have a knack for landing celebrity guests like Seth Godin, Jesse Itzler, Natalie (insert correct spelling). Colin Wright (famous minimalist).

(It’s not that hard, I can show you how!)

But maybe the best part of all of this is the community I’ve built.

Listeners who come back week after to week and send me messages about how the episodes have impacted their lives. That feeling is indescribable.

And because I know what it’s like to start from scratch, it’s become my mission to help even more people find and use their voices to build their dreams.

Whether that’s to further a cause that is dear to their hearts, have a creative place to play, or grow a business of their dreams by building a loyal community.

I’ve helped them find their own voices and use them as a force for good.


That even if our situations aren’t exactly the same, you know what it’s like to want to do something more, something that would make you happy, but feel like you don’t have time, money or resources? (I totally get it.)

And then one day, I received an email from my absolute hero Seth Godin, titled “5 reasons you might want to start a podcast.”

My heart leapt into my chest. It was an invitation to learn the craft of podcasting from one of the best and I knew right away that it was a full body yes.

Going through the training was like therapy. I felt a sense of joy. Control. Happiness. I finally had something that was 100% mine. Free of anyone else’s opinion and beyond the reach of my boss and his snarky comments or relentless criticism.

All of my free time was consumed with the pursuit of becoming the best podcaster I could possibly be. From learning about the tech, to sound quality, to interviewing was a joy.

All of a sudden, my boss’ snarky comments and the stress of the job started to melt away. I knew that at the end of the day, I could dive into my project. I had found my thing.


Listen, if I can create a thriving show out of thin air, I know with the right plan, you can create and launch your own podcast, too.

(And much faster than you think.)


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"As a direct result of my time in Allison's podcast launch program, I started a podcast and I am now the host of a Top 1% traficked podcast  globally with over 500,000 downloads, 159 podcast chart appearances and 84 episodes. I would highly recommend joining Allison's program to take your first step."

Bryan Green - The Commercial Break


"Turning a concept for a podcast into a mini movement and community committed to encouraging all voices are heard. With just 10 episodes in, our podcast has already seen over 60, 5-star reviews, nearly 500 members in our Facebook Group and has had 2 inquiries to be acquired by larger media houses."

Rachael Laya Hoffman & Cyla Grace - She Sounds Like Me


"I joined Podcast Launch program because I had an interest in podcasting and wanted to do something creative. I didn't have a clue where to begin. Six weeks later I launched my podcast, Stories Connect People! Going in, I didn't have my concept defined, I didn't know anything about equipment, recording, editing, publishing, the tools or marketing. Because of the Press Play Podcast program I launched earlier than my target date and Allison and the PPP program guided me through every step including concept, name, equipment, targeting guests, conducting interviews, recording, editing, publishing, and more. The program design is great! It's highly collaborative which was so helpful for me. The short assignments every few days kept me building and I quickly began to see my podcast coming to life. It was so energizing and I started to build confidence in my concept. The resources PPP provided were so valuable and Allison's guidance and advice make all the difference. I owe my podcast to PPP!"

Polly Van Duser - Stories Connect People


"Those first few days and weeks as I was thinking of podcasting, every single thought came into my head... Mainly about if I can do this. Through the press play program and Allison's support, I was truly able to gain confidence with building my concept.... with a perfectly outlined detailed course that supported me as I moved through those first few weeks. I was most appreciative of the ability to go at my own pace and have access to Allison for one on one support. As week 6 rolled around, I was able to build upon my podcasting skills and confidence. I have thus felt super satisfied and confident with my podcast and at the end, that is how I define success and what I believe is picked up by my audience. Authenticity and confidence."

Aissa Hillebrand - Gift to Shift Podcast

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